Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recipe: Pita pocket salad!


So I have a new obsession...whole wheat pita pocket bread. YUM. No enriched flour. No crap. That's what I like. It tastes good too and is fun! So the other night I made a new thing that turned out fantastic...you have to try this. I got the pita bread from Walmart.

Um, yeah, Abigail loves this stuff with bbq chicken!

Pita Pocket Salad

1 Pita Pocket
grilled chicken
bbq sauce
fresh cut cucumber, onion, green pepper
little bit of mozzarella cheese
dried cranberries or cherries
italian dressing (packet you can make yourself)

1. Put Pita in oven on rack on 350 degrees 3-5 minutes.
2. Cut grilled chicken in small pieces and put bbq sauce with it. Simmer a few minutes in pan.
2. Make salad with the rest of the ingredients and toss in a bowl.
3. Put chicken with salad and mix more.
4. Remove pita from oven and Stuff with salad.
5. Enjoy with watermelon like I did or another kind of fruit!

Makes me want it again looking at this picture!!

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