Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Months

Someone lit up when I started snapping shots.
10 months today!


Here are adorable pictures of my 10 month girl! Really? Is this happening?? 10 months?! Craziness. But what a ride it's been. Each day I play with her and can't believe how blessed I am and how much I love this child. It's still only the beginning. She's fantastic :)

So here are things she's doing...
-Talking...a lot. Mostly jibber jabber but says "momma, dad, daddy, kitty, ducky, me," The ever favorites are also, "nah nah (no), bwe, and boogied"

-Walking and running along furniture

-Standing for several seconds at a time without holding onto anything (has stood and sat down without holding anything)

-Chases the cat a lot

-Bops to music...she bopped to Mumford and Sons tonight and was with the beat!

-Loves reading books! She can't get enough of books

- Is eating granola bars now

-Understands what I say...crawling to the bathroom when I asked if she wanted to bathe

....those are just a few things that she's doing. Can you tell I love her a lot? :) Just wait till her birthday party!

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