Thursday, May 24, 2012



So life has been kind of tough on me lately. You've seen my posts. Pregnancy emotions running wild. Financial struggles, husband working a lot, etc. You've read the sob stories. Ha. Well, thankfully I am breathing again and my emotions are a little bit better. This has been a good week and God is pouring blessings down. Obviously He is good all the time and whether I'm getting "blessed" or "not" doesn't change His goodness. Also, I know that my view of blessings can be different, at times, than God's view and I sometimes don't see them until later. 

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT.....blessings!! Here's my little list of things for the past couple days!!

1. Making these AWESOME headbands and hair clips. I love MOPS. It has been a blessing to me this year. I have been wanting to learn how to make these and now I know!

2. A neighbor of ours had a mattress and box spring in her garage. Well, we needed a box spring for a queen mattress someone graciously gave us last year. It's been sitting on our full size box spring. Yikes! So they sold it to us for $30.00!! It pays to be nosy and ask sometimes. Hehe. Anyways, our bed frame didn't extend to a queen size like I thought it would. So I decided to ask again, and see if they had a bed frame. Well, they did and it had a headboard and the shebang......

Leather......and we are talking FREE. Yes, they gave it to us for free. Can you believe it?! Here it is without pillows on it. It's amazing. I am so grateful. 

3. A dear friend of mine, who lives in another state, wrote me and said she wanted to get that chandelier I need (want) for Abby's new room. Bam. Wow. What generosity from friends! I am overwhelmed. So this is one she had picked out to buy for me....and it's lovely. Matches perfectly. 

4. I am also thankful for all the amazing deals I've found at garage sales. Here's another item I have made-over for Abigail's room. I like it! I am currently working on her night stand and will post pics later. 

5. Oh yes, another blessing is another friend who is going to watch Abigail a whole day for me next week. She volunteered and it is very nice. 

6. Going to dinner last weekend and a movie with my in-laws. It was fun to go out with them and have parents that treat these fun outings :)

7. Having wonderful friends and neighbors to hang out with on hot days with kids running around.

8. Having an amazing doctor to go to this pregnancy. The place I went last time was good but this blows me away every time. I have never had such efficiency at a doctor's office as this place.  My average time at appointments is about 20 minutes in and out...yup. Start to finish! The doctor is wonderful and I couldn't be happier. Also, my ultrasound is scheduled!!! 3 weeks and we'll find out the gender!!

There are many more blessings I know I am forgetting but these at least give you a taste of my life...just in the last week or so! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Update on Abby's Room


I found some great stuff at garage sales this weekend! Have I mentioned how much I like those? Well, I do....a lot! We got a ton of things for Abigail's room. Take a look! 

Here's a large wicker trunk...matches her dresser perfectly! Great for her new Shabby Chic room. Paid $5 for it!!!!! I am good at bargaining :)

I bought all of these for her room too. I got the cabinet on the right for $5 (bought it with the trunk). The shutters were 50 cents; picture frames $1 each; shelves $1 each. How can you turn down these awesome deals???? Seriously, it was one of the best garage sale days ever. I also got a night stand for Abby that has slots to fit books. It was $5 as well. 

So here's the bedding for her room. I bought this last year. It was on clearance for $30 from Target....for a Full size bed! 

Here's the bed skirt and valance. Not on sale...but my mom purchased them for me :)


Before....I sanded and wiped it down (I used the sanding block in the picture)

1st coat of paint. 

2nd coat of paint!! I am going to put it on the wall and put pictures or other things in the slots. 

 Here are the colors going on Abby's wall. The bottom color (purplicious) will be on the bottom half of her room. Then there'll be a white chair rail. Above will be the middle color (lightly lilac). It's going to look cute! 

I got paint for the chairs that go with the black table. The chair on the right is painted with the Almond color. I really like it :) I will post a final picture of all the chairs done :) 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 New Recipes!


I have 2 recipes for you! One is an Italian favorite and the other is one I came up with at the spur of the moment (those can be the best). Take a look and enjoy :)

I made dinner for our friends last week. We are all Italian cuisine lovers and usually have some sort of red sauce with our dinners. I love it. I made stuffed cheese shells (like cheese ravioli), salad, and Italian Parmesan bread. The Flanigan's brought dairy queen ice-cream cupcakes for dessert! We were going all out! Ha. 

The shells are covered in sauce so I didn't get the best pictures. But I promise, they are good! 

Stuffed Cheese Shells
16 oz container low fat cottage cheese
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1 egg white (or whole egg)
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
24-26 large pasta noodle shells

Cook shells in boiling water according to box directions. Mix all ingredients together. Put in plastic baggie and cut a whole at one tip. Squeeze out cheese mixture into each shell. 

Pasta Sauce
16 oz can tomato sauce
16 oz can diced tomatoes
8 oz can tomato paste
1 tsp Italian seasoning
1 tsp garlic salt
2 tbsp parmesan cheese
1-2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp basil
1 packet stevia or truvia
several shakes pepper

Simmer all ingredients on low for 30 minutes. If you're short on time then just combine in a bowl first and pour over pasta shells in 9x13 pan. 

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

I had a few ingredients on hand and started to devise a plan of what could taste good. I wanted a chicken salad but didn't want something too fatty. This is excellent, really. Kyle even liked it!

3 chicken breasts
1 cup diced lettuce
1/2 can corn (or frozen)
1/3 container of santa fe Philadelphia cooking creme

It's very simple. Just a few ingredients. Cook chicken in skillet with a little chili powder and garlic powder in a small amount of OO (Olive Oil). About 1-2 tsp really

I used leftover lettuce from a salad and chopped it small. 

Shred the chicken with a couple forks. 

Combine each ingredient. I did not cook the corn.

Add cooking creme.  That simple! 

This is great chilled in the fridge or warm. Use it as a dip with tortilla chips or put it in a wrap! Next time I'm going to add black beans, onion, and maybe some green pepper.

Hope you enjoy these meals! They're both low fat and yummy!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Abby's New Room


The vision for Abby's new room is all Shabby Chic. Oh, I am so excited. I decided to do it that way shortly after she was born and since I'm a planner, I've already collected a bunch of things for the new room! It works out perfect because of the new baby coming and I don't have to scramble to find things. The other plus about planning ahead is finding the right stuff for cheap prices. I found the perfect comforter for $35 on clearance at Target and a mirror for $1, dresser for $30, headboard for $5, and more. But they were all spread out over time and fit into my vision for her room. Here's what I want the "feel" of the room to be. 

I love this chandelier :)

I really like this comforter. Abby's is kind of similar but pink!

I like this chandelier too and feel like finding something similar to this is doable.

I love the feel of this room too. 

I am so excited to start working on her new room. I still need a couple things and I have to start transforming and painting the stuff I've bought. So much fun! I can't wait to post before and after pictures of the room and everything!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Recipe List


I am motivated to try new recipes....and I'm excited about it! Life has just been the same-old food for a while and I want a new boost. This pregnancy has a lot of food looking good, too, so that helps. I find myself on the computer at night looking for new recipes. A new website I've taken interest in is Eating Well. They have some pretty decent recipes. It's similar to Cooking Light. Here's some of my list. You can click on each Title and it'll take you to the recipe :)

Green Apple Wrap

This looks great for a snack

Party Dip..yes

Florentine Ravioli

Different cheese ravioli recipe

Inside-out Lasagna

Love the vegetables in it....yum

Seven-layer Salad

Looks great for family get-togethers and parties!
Strawberry Lemonade

I really want to find a good drink without chemicals and crap in it. Hope this works!

This looks yummy

These are just a few of the recipes I'd like to try. I continue to add to the list, daily. I've already made a couple new things and loved them! I'll have to update with how things go.


Something I want now. Definitely on the Christmas/birthday list. Fitbit!!! I saw that Chalene Johnson was talking about it and I checked it out. Awesome. I have looked into Bodybugg for a client, specifically, and I think this looks better. Plus, it's less than half the price and no monthly fee. It tracks your steps, calories, food in, different activity levels throughout the day, and your sleep pattern. You can track it with an app on your phone and it connects wirelessly to your computer. This thing is beyond cool. Click on the Title below and it'll take you to the website. It's really cute too. So this is random but it's now on my wish list :)

Definitely the Plum color. Of course.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cloth Diapers Update


I bet you're DYING to know how I'm doing with the cloth diaper venture....maybe....well, I'm going to tell you anyways. Actually, it is going pretty well. I did have a little trouble the other week because Abby pees a lot at once. She goes on her potty throughout the day so she can hold it decently well, which means more pee. Plus she drinks a lot of liquids so she was leaking through her diapers and pants. My solution without throwing in the towel? Doubled up on the inserts. Here's a picture....

The white cloths on the right are inserts. So instead of putting one in the diaper I put 2 in. Now no leaking. Yay!! 

These are the diapers I use, if you're curious. I am using Sunbabies. This is the same diaper, but as you can see, it changes size with the snaps. It's for a 7 pound to 35 pound child! Great way to get your money's worth. 

If you're thinking of switching but not sure, I would say it's worth the money.....especially if you aren't spending a fortune on brand new diapers. DiaperHq is pretty awesome and it's in the Michiana area. You can get good deals on stuff. Also, there's a huge network of selling used cloth diapers. Just type in Used cloth diapers on Facebook and you'll find several groups. 

Let me explain the process of diapering I do. Put the diaper on Abby. Change when she is wet. You take the insert out and put them in the bin/trash can just like you would throw away a disposable. If they poop, just rinse off the poop. Sometimes if it's in a ball (I know gross) you can just toss in the toilet and the diaper might not really be dirty other than pee. So no rinsing. Otherwise I'm just going outside and rinsing them with our hose (in a spot where we don't walk and in the landscape). Then place in the bin/trash can. You really DO NOT need a laundry room....just a trash can/bin....same as having disposable diapers.

For washing I just put all the diapers in the washer (inserts and diapers but separate, which was already done). I do one cycle NO detergent and on COLD. Then I do a heavy cycle with HOT water. This does an extra rinse for me. I use the All Free and Clear detergent (or whatever is acceptable on the list). Then I dry the inserts in the dryer and line dry the covers. Sometimes I stick them outside on chairs. Then back all over again. I wash them about once every other day....sometimes every night but not usually. I assure you, IT'S NOT THAT HARD. Once you figure it out for you, it's pretty simple and I don't think it's too much different than using disposables. 

If you're interested in saving money, do it. So you might have to clean poop off a couple diapers a day (for older kiddos). But if you exclusively breastfeed you don't have to rinse the poop off at all.....not sure why but I've been told multiple times this. For ME, I see it as, my husband is working all day to make us money, so if I can do something to save us a SIGNIFICANT amount of money (which we need), I can suck it up and clean a little poop out of a few diapers. It's really not that bad, I promise.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Journey of Money...Jehovah Jireh


Now that I have entered my second trimester (that went fast), my emotions seem to be taming down a touch. Praise. The. Lord. It's hard when you're on a roller coaster almost everyday of highs and lows. I am usually pretty even with my emotions, and usually on the high end of happy/excited. So this has been a struggle.

Anyways, if you've read previous posts, you know what my thought process has been. The struggle now is to not wish for the future or want to change the past. It's good to learn from choices you've made and recognize what you could do different in the future, but it's not healthy to dwell on the past or really, the future. It's important to make the most of each day and live in the PRESENT. That's what God calls us to. He wants us to recognize our need for Him and live intentionally.

How am I living intentionally for Him right now with the issue of money? Well, right now working full-time or anymore than I am now just isn't really an option. I know God wants me to be with my daughter, and I love it. Her life is more important than our money situation. I know that if we could "go back" and get less student loans or a cheaper house, we would....but WE CAN'T. And that's ok. God has a purpose and plan for what we are in right now.

What I decided to do is to P.R.A.Y. 

Knowing the truth about our situation still doesn't change it. This is really hard. I like to change things immediately. What I have to do is bathe it in prayer. I have to say, "Listen God, we messed up, knowingly at times and unknowingly other times with finances. We surrender it all to You." 

Jehovah Jireh = The God who sees. The God who Provides.

No matter what situation, God is still our Provider. His grace is always abounding. I can say that we are doing ALL we can to not spend money on wants....we are only spending money on needs. I know that God will continue providing for us. How do I know?

"I was once young, now I am old. I have never seen a godly man abandoned, or his children forced to search for food." Psalm 37:25

"Then you will take delight in the Lord, and he will answer your prayers." Psalm 37:4

"And my God will supply your every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

I have decided to claim that The Lord is My Banner (found in Exodus 17:8-15). One way of doing this is praying over these scriptures and others. I have also written them out and am putting them around the house. God has put it on my heart these past few days to do this. There is power in the Word of God. Also, my husband is out working his heart out for us, I believe it's my job to be an advocate for him and our family while I'm home all day. What better way to praise our Savior, teach my child, and grow my walk with Christ? 

Thanks for the prayers :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Table Reveal


It's done! The table is complete! Take a look. Here's the table before polyurethane. 

Here's the polyurethane. I used a foam brush to put it on. I used long strokes. I didn't realize how glossy the polyurethane would be. I accidentally got gloss instead of satin. 

After a couple coats of gloss, I went out and got satin. I think it toned it down and looks a little better. It's still glossy but that's alright :) I still got a nice black table out of it.

Here it is with the nice table cloths on it. I like it!

Here's another thing I did. I spray painted my wine rack piece. Well, as you can see, the table didn't look so good. I put one thing on it and the paint chipped off. So I sanded, repainted, and did a coat of polyurethane. 

BAM! Look at the difference!! I think it looks great. 

Now to finish the chairs...soon! I am liking the way this is turning out. What a difference paint makes, huh?! Stay tuned....