Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Food Finds!


So I found something that is delish!! Go Go SqueeZ apples with cinnamon tastes great and is all natural. No preservatives or artificial colors/flavors. I love them and so does Abigail. It's about 4 pouches for $2.00.

Since I am still keeping Abigail away from gluten at the moment, I found these pasta noodles that are gluten free. She LOVES spaghetti and wants it a lot. So I feel great using these noodles. They taste the same as regular noodles and are almost the same price. So it's a great choice. I bought some other noodles to make her something besides spaghetti...I'm just not sure yet of what to put with it. So that will be an upcoming task today!
I also found a great deal online with Happy Baby Organic food. It's meals in pouches instead of glass bottles. Seriously, Organic chicken is expensive but this deal was great. I ordered in on Amazon and paid about $17.00 for 16 pouches. So about $1.00 a piece. I saved like $10 on this! It has Organic chicken, sweet potatoes, and brown rice. Fantastic!
Here are my food finds...hope this gives you more ideas and that you enjoyed!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

8 Months


My little angel is 8 months already! Time is really flying now. I feel like the past couple months have been a new world of fun with her. I love seeing her play and learn. There is barely any crying and sleep is going great. She is in the fun stage of exploring and all.

There are so many things she's doing now! She can crawl (and she's getting fast!), pull herself and stand up, walk with me holding her hands, say "momma" and "dadda", make a fishy face with her lips, and so much more. I think the biggest thing is maneuvering around. I can't believe she can stand, and sitting up from any position is a piece of cake for her! She loves books too. I read at least 6-10 books a day to her cause she loves them so much. We biked to the library and got new books because of how much I repeat them. While at the library I signed up for a reading contest thing. So we are committed to reading 100 books by the end of next month. You get a prize at the end if you complete your goal. So that's part of my life. I love being a mom to Abigail :)
Here she is standing. She loves that cube. She can push it now so she walks with it. What a doll.

This is when we were at the Memorial Day Parade. She liked it a lot.

I can't believe how much I love this child :)

Monday, June 13, 2011



I have been very busy lately but I wanted to write a short post. This last weekend I completed my goal of making cake and brownies without box mixes. I haven't bought any box mixes in a long time and had found good cake/cupcake recipes that I have been using, but didn't know how to make brownies. I feel like I was brainwashed (almost) to think that brownies could only come from a box and had no clue of how to make them myself! Ha. Anyways, they turned out quite fabulous. I know it's a dessert but it's healthier than processed mix. It's super easy too. Wahoo for no more processed desserts! If you raid my cupboards you won't find any. That's my post today. My girl will be 8 months in a couple days so I will be posting again soon :)