Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crisp Air and My Life Lessons


I have to start off with how beautiful it is outside. I am loving this cool, crisp air. I love summer but it's been too hot to be outside with my girl a lot. This cool air makes me happy to wear sweatpants and cuddle up with a little blanket and good book....or laptop for blog surfing. Oh geesh.

So this summer has been busy. The past 2 weeks have been ridiculously busy. I have been so tired the last few days but have just kept going. It is good though.

Today is a great day to just stay home and relax. So that's what I'm doing...playing with my girl and relaxing when she takes a nap :)

Part of my exhaustion is due to emotions. There are several people in my life (to whom I'm close it "who" or "whom"?) who are going through big trials. But guess what?? It's wearing me out too! ha. Seriously though, the other day I was exhausted from emotional burdens for other people. I have this growing passion to seek the Lord more and more, to do His work. I feel that part of my work is to bless others and help them during times of need. Someday I think the Lord is going to position Kyle and I to be able to help others with a place to stay and help others financially (Lord willing). This is one of the biggest reasons we want to be out of debt, so we can bless others. Even though we aren't out of debt now, don't have a large house, and don't make a bunch of money, it doesn't mean I can't bless others with what we have. So I've been asking God to for opportunities to share with others, and give like I would if I had a lot of money to spare. Guess what? He is answering that! And guess what? It can be hard at the same time.

It can be difficult to completely trust when you're spending extra money to help. But do I really need that extra bag of pretzels sitting in my pantry when I have 2 more in the cupboard? Do I really need to sit at home to relax when I can be helping someone else in need? Should I be watching TV instead of on my knees praying for a troubled situation, family, person in need? Is it wise to use extra money we get for our personal pleasure when others around me are in need of food, clothing, etc? (not saying you can't ever splurge on yourself but when it's every single time) Nope. I am called to do God's work and He is my Provider, He's my manager of time, He's my Sustainer, He's my Counselor. I could give everything away and He could bless me ten fold, or I could give nothing away and He could take everything away in an hour. I am called to a life of leaning and trusting in my Lord and Savior. I am called to be Christ's hands and feet.

That's my life and my story right now. I hope God is working on you and growing you right now. Here's a fun look at the pictures we got taken a couple weeks :)

I really like this one.

My cutie pie :)

Our family.

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  1. "And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed." 2 Cor. 9:8
    He doesn't promises us riches, but He promises to give us all we need to do His work.
    Thank you for doing His work, Sister. :)