Monday, August 29, 2011

My girl...not so little anymore?

This last week has been huge for Abigail. I feel like she changed SO much! Where to begin? Well, let's start with mobility. She is not walking...yet. She walks while holding onto everything and started running while holding onto my hands. She surprised me and I could barely keep up!! She is waving "hi" and "bye" all the time now. Dancing happens a lot! She just starts bopping when she hears a phone go off. hehe. And she is just able to express what she knows more. Now to food. This is day number FOUR with no baby food! I have been really forcing it for a while now. I would sing "the wheels on the bus" to get her to eat the baby food. So why not just let her go without it now? She's almost 11 months. It's been great!!! She has also weaned herself from breastfeeding. I still try to feed her once or twice a day from me but she has no interest so why push it at this age? She has exclusively breastfed from me for almost a year..that's pretty good. I don't want to hold her back if she's ready. I love baby is growing up...take a look at pics :)

She picked up her mini cup and just started drinking out of it all by herself, without guidance or telling her to do it!

Trying to get her to just drink out of a cup and this cup with a straw.

Here she is eating her strawberries earlier today :)

Here are my finds for her! Sorry it's side ways. Too much work to change it right now (too lazy). But there are freeze dried packets of fruit called Air Crisps, honey grahams, fruit granola bars, oatmeal, and GoGo Squeeze of no sugar added, natural fruit. So this is my world...more to come!

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