Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update: Abby's New Room


Here it is!!!!! The moment you've been waiting for.......

Isn't it lovely? I really love it. We STILL need chair rail. I have been trying to get my husband to the store to buy it. But it's ok. We ended up making a surprise purchase this weekend (it's a great deal!), maybe I'll share another time what it is ;)

We need a curtain for her room and sheets. Plus I want to get another rack in the closet to have more room to store clothes. Those are the last things and it'll be complete! 

I spray painted these letters white (they were in her other room and were brown). The headboard behind her bed was also painted white by me the other day. I like it in the room. Good $5.00 purchase last year. 

Abby really likes her room. She took a nap in it today. As you can see she has no problem playing and switching! 

The chandelier is just beautiful and perfect for it. Here's a pic of it tonight before bed, lighting up the room. 

I love her wicker dresser in the room. 

So I will post FINAL pictures once we get the curtain and chair rail up :) I have a new project on the horizon....a bench that needs painted. I bought it last year and I'm finally going to get it done hopefully this week. Be prepared for pics! Then it will be moving on to Hannah's ROOM :) So many projects. I can't wait to get them done, I'm getting a little pooped with it all. Finish one thing and start another. But this way I'll get everything done in time for Hannah to arrive and be able to just relax with my girls.

Also, I've been loving life this week. My husband has been home at night and spending good time with us. We've had fun this weekend also. I said we made a surprise purchase this weekend and hopefully get it soon. Excited to share. Thankfully my hubby has been making decent money lately and God dropped a side job in my lap. Steam cleaning some carpets for a local school one day last week. It was a HUGE blessing. I worked 5 hours steam cleaning and let's say I got paid very over double my personal training rate per hour. Wow. Thank you God. So life is going pretty good and we are blessed, like always.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Abby's Room Painted!


The room is painted! I took this picture last night with the light on :)

Don't mind the wrinkly bedspread. It's so cute in person though.

Here's the trunk. I can't wait to put everything on the walls and get the chair rail!! Stay tuned ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012



Boy or girl??? 

We are having another GIRL!!! 

Hannah Grace Johnson

I already bought her a few things garage sailing this weekend. We obviously don't need much since we already have a girl and their birthdays will fall within a couple weeks of each other. Wahoo for re-using! But it doesn't mean we can't buy anything new :)

I found this crib bedding set at a garage sale. It's super cute and comes with EVERYTHING. Bumper, comforter, pillows, bed skirt, changing table cover, mobile, and a lamp....for $30! It looks brand new and doesn't have stains or bad smell. Now that's a deal.

We are excited for Abby to have a little sister, Hannah. 19 weeks to go!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Painting Abby's Room and MORE


In my last post, I showed pictures of Abby's new room and that it was blue. Well we have progress! In fact, it's almost done. Yay! My wonderful Mother-in-law, "Mama" is what I refer to her as, came and painted it for me. This is great because she likes doing this stuff and it's not the best for me to paint a room by myself because of pregnancy. It's looking great. I can't wait to get the chair rail up!

It looks kind of like pink but it's not. It's purple. 

Working hard!



AFTER! Much more prominent in real life.

Here's a kitchen set we got today at the neighbor's garage sale. It came with fake food and plates/silverware too! 

I also got Abby Barbie's and a SUV....I love having a girl! She played and played with her new stuff today. She also got some dolls that a lady gave her for free and those were her favorite. She is currently sleeping with them in bed now :)

Here's my exciting find for ME! So excited to do these workouts. It was online for $40 which is good for 4 DVD's. But I checked out Target and they had it for $15! There you go. I really like Lindsay Brin now. She is awesome. I put the DVD's in to look at them and they are great. The postnatal bootcamp is seriously awesome. 12 week program. She has it laid out great on the DVD too. WAhoo!!!!!

Here's another baby Johnson!!! So the question is, boy or girl? What do you think??? Those of you who know, do not say! I am curious on people's thoughts! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Painting Abby's Room


The walls are blue, soon they will be 2 different shades of purple. The blue line is where they will change. The painter's tape is where the chair rail will be.....this is exciting! 

That chandelier looks so lovely. My mother-in-law is coming to paint on Friday. Stay tuned!!

All this for the precious girl in this picture :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Abby's Room...Chandelier and Nightstand


Movement is happening with Abby's new room. We got the beautiful chandelier put up (thanks to my wonderful husband!). No, it was not a garage sale or thrift store find like I was planning...a dear and wonderful friend wanted to get one as a gift for me. Brand new ones are pretty amazing! This seriously fits my vision PERFECTLY, and she's the one who had picked it out! 

The old light coming out...I forgot to get a pick of the actual light...this is mostly out.

Wonderful husband working on it. 

Here it is without the crystals on it. 

Oh beautiful (notice the empty pic frame in the background and the blue walls...we've got work to do!!!)

Need to buy pretty light bulbs for this still. 

These pictures don't even do it justice! It's so pretty! 

Here's her night stand I found for $5. I like how it has the space to put books...perfect for Abby!

I like the heart carved out on each side too. 


 Goes with the room perfectly!

Those are a few things so far! Next is PAINT. I bought it and now we need to mark where the chair rail will be on the wall, then paint. My MIL is coming to paint but my BIL is getting married this next weekend so we will be in Chicago for that. Painting will wait till the next week...but I'm super excited!! Stay tuned!!