Monday, August 29, 2011

Food Find...local garden


Last night I rode my bike to youth group and passed this little garden stand selling vegetables at a lady's house. I didn't have time to stop so this morning I ventured out again with Abigail to go get good deals....without spending gas (yes!). It was cute and only took me maybe 10 minutes to get there. I love this area because it's close to lots of stores and the mall but you have to go by a bunch of farms to get there...perfect for paying less on fruits and vegetables.

Here's the cute stand. Good variety of food.

Abigail in the trail behind. What century do I live in again? Riding to a farm to buy food? ha.

She was selling bundles of flowers for a dollar also. Very pretty ones!

Abigail was tired from our ventures.

Spent $3.00 on all this. Mostly everything was 25 and 50 cents that she was selling. What a great morning!!

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