Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Food Find and Meals with No Money!


So in one of my previous posts, I talk about how amazing Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market is. Trader Joe's has this awesome peanut butter with 3 ingredients. Well, today I was getting a couple items at Target and saw that Archer Farms has the same one!!!! Amazingness. It was with flax seed and only 3 ingredients as well. Oh how I love Target....anyways, we were almost out of the PB from TJ so I picked it up. I have not tasted it yet so hopefully it scores well and I can buy that from now on.

On to more food....well, lack thereof. I have like no money for groceries left so I am going to have to do some improvising. How do you make meals with little food and a tight budget?! Well, worry no more. I have/had some ideas and it's going to be all good :)

So here's the situation. I have a big bag of chicken I cooked already and froze. I have a good amount of sliced ham too from Rise 'n Roll Bakery (only $1 a pound!). Then Kyle's mom left us with a ton, a ton of sloppy joe Elk meat from the weekend (garage sale). Do I really want sloppy joe's every day for the next week? Nope, I sure don't. So I decided to make empanadas with sloppy joe and ham. Yes I did. I just made the dough then put some cheese with choice of meat on the inside and folded it up. Fantastic! Then I froze the rest of the meat to use later (I love the freezer).
I plan to make homemade pizza, my own flatbread (sandwiches/wraps), and I have a new bag of organic potatoes I can use as starches for the week. I do have some lettuce, bananas, peppers, frozen veggies, and carrots. Fruit is not so much right now :(

Here's the empanadas I made...

Even though I don't really have any room to buy groceries, it's amazing what you can find in your cupboards to make that you normally buy!! I still buy no processed food but it's easier not to make my own flatbread and such...so saving money here I am!

I have things to say about my girl but don't have time...so till the next post, see ya!

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