Tuesday, June 22, 2010

24 Weeks

June 22, 2010

Here's an update on my garden....wowee! It's growing big! I weeded yesterday and came out this evening and there were tons of new weeds! ahh! But it is fun.

I bought this table at a garage sale 2 houses down from ours and I paid $4.00 for it. I saw potential the minute I walked up! The last furniture item on my list to buy was a nightstand for Abigail's room that I can put next to the glider and have a lamp on it and put books underneath to read to her. I also wanted it mainly to be able to set things on it like a bottle or a drink for me since I know I'll be doing feedings and up during the night with her (I am excited about that though :)). So I knew that if Kyle were with me he'd say, "that's ugly, we shouldn't get it." But I had faith....lol.

Ta da! Here it is sanded and painted the same day by me! I think it turned out pretty good.

Here I am at 24 weeks pregnant! Abigail is over 1.5 pounds! I only have one more 4 week appointment and then I go every 2 weeks then once a week! Time is flying but I am getting more excited for that special day. I have dreams about her coming almost every night. I am just so excited to be a stay at home mom and take care of her and my hubby :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I will trust in Him who richly provides...not in my riches

June 15, 2010

So Kyle and I have been listening to a series from Andy Stanley about learning how to ACT rich. Most of us Americans are rich compared to the other 96% of the world. We have houses with air-conditioning, houses for our cars, go on vacations, and do home projects with "spare" cash. Basically, we usually have more than we need in materials. But too many of us put our trust in our money rather than God. When we're doing well financially we are relaxed and spend more money on "fun things" we want. When we're tight on money we get stressed and freak out about anything. It's been really good to listen to it because I am a frugal person and tend to be this way by putting my trust too much in money. He also talked about how little we actually give of our finances. Studies show that the more money people have the less they give. How interesting is that?! It's easy to give 1 dollar out of 10 dollars but it's a lot harder to give 1,000 dollars out of 10,000...there's so much you could do with 1,000 dollars! God wants us to be generous and take money off the top and give to Him first. We tend to get selfish and want to keep all our spare money to spend on going out to eat or buying new clothes or whatever the case may be.

Well, we've been trying to practice trusting in God each day and not relying on our riches by committing it to prayer together and separately. Well yesterday we got our car back and it overheated when Kyle went to Best Buy. We have to spend over 500 dollars to get a new water pump and there are other things that need to be fixed on it too. Surprisingly we haven't been worried or freaking out. Thankfully we have an emergency fund and can pay the bill with no problem but normally I would be freaking out because that's a lot of money to spend that wasn't expected. I am so thankful that God is in control of our finances and all we have to do is trust in Him and obey His word with tithing and being faithful and He'll take care of us.

23 Weeks!
I'm 23 weeks pregnant and loving it right now! Abigail is moving a lot now and getting bigger. I am feeling less worried about labor and more anxious to meet her. Kyle can feel her move too and you can see my belly move. We also have gotten more things for her room at great prices so it's very exciting! I can't believe I have about 3-3 1/2 months to go! I am just praying that I'll be able to start being home all the time the last month of my pregnancy to get the baby room done and such. How fun!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

22 Weeks

June 9, 2010

I am at 22 weeks with this little Abigail. She is now just over one pound! It's amazing how fast time is flying. I read that in the next month she is going to grow faster and double in size...oh boy! I love it that there is a little being inside of me that Kyle and I made but I have decided that I don't necessarily "love" being pregnant overall. I feel constricted because I can't do a lot of activities I want to now (exercise), I get tired, and I have been getting leg cramps, foot pain, and charlie horses. I do so many things to prevent this stuff but it seems that you can't avoid everything. But on the other hand I am very motivated to get my body back in shape after the baby and nothing is going to deter that no matter what anyone says! Kyle has given me a challenge with a reward at the end of it for a physical goal within 6 months after Abigail is born...so it's on! Ha, ha.

Here's a preview of Abigail's theme for her room!

But my garden is also growing rapidly too. I got several garden books last week and have read through one of them. It's exciting because I feel like this is my very own project that I am in charge of outside. Kyle takes care of all the landscaping and such at our house so sometimes I want something to do that doesn't involve hard labor....like my wonderful garden! I am learning so many things about how to tend to my garden and prevent disease/pesticides and keep it healthy. Being a wife and soon-to-be mother is so much fun and I can't wait till I'm home all the time with all my projects I want to do!