Friday, April 20, 2012

Money-Saving Journey...cloth diapers day 1


Alright, so one way to save money...big switching to cloth diapers. Yes, now! It's fantastic. Apparently there's a lot of women that cloth diaper around here and as kids are getting older and potty trained, mom's are selling their used diapers. What a great alternative to buying full price diapers (which can get expensive). So I now have a good stash that will hopefully last me a while. Here are a few :)

I have bought 16 diapers. Now here comes the money-saving part....I spent $72 on them!!!

PLUS, this diaper pail cover (blue sticking out the trash can) came with the diapers. More money saving right here.

I'm going full force with this cloth diaper situation so why not cloth wipes?! Well, Diaperhq has a deal on cloth wipes right now so I got buy 1 get 1 50% off!! 20 wipes for $13.50. Amazing! So how much have I invested into this scheme? $72 for diapers and pail insert, $10 for trash can, $14 (with tax and no charge for shipping) for wipes, and $13 for a HUGE thing of detergent safe for cloth diapers/wipes. That's $109!!!!!! Wow. That's amazing to me. I thought this venture might be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Nope. This is really going to save us money, and we'll make it up fast. 

So I've invested this money...the question is...success or fail to switch? Well, today was the first day and it was a SUCCESS. Abby did fine with them. I did have 2 that leaked on the sides but I looked up possible problems and tried something different. I snapped a couple of the snaps to make the diaper more snug on her and no more leaking! She even had a big poop before bed and zero leaking. I didn't even know she had pooped until I was taking it off. Praise the Lord! And it really wasn't bad to rinse it off. I have to go outside at the moment and use the hose but it's not like there are that many poopy diapers from her at this age. 

So money saving project #1 seems to be going well so far! I am super excited about all this...ask my husband :) And here's a picture of my angel at the doctor. She carried along Minnie (Mimi is what she says) and her baby doll. I love her. Honestly, she looks cute in these diapers :)


  1. how often did u have to change her I tried a day of it and I felt like I had to change william way to often before he would leak through

  2. What kind of diapers are you using? I LOVE using cloth!! Fuzzibunz are my favorite and my husband really likes them too. We also have bummis, thirsties, and flips covers. I only have some newborn sizes and then adjustable ones (some up to 18 lbs and some to 35 lbs) Have been looking on Craigslist tho :)

  3. I have Sunbabies...I am not sure what kind...I am not good at that. lol. Katie, I change her fairly often but I stick her on her potty a lot because we are working on the potty training. She pees a lot now cause she drinks a lot and can hold it. So I don't know if that helps :)