Saturday, February 8, 2014


Growing up, my dad was the king of breakfast (still is). I have such fond memories of waking up on Saturday mornings to the smell of bacon and hearing him sing loudly and pans clanigng around. Another common sound was our microwave heating up water for his tea. He loves tea. 

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day, probably because it is one of my parents' favorite meals and I have so many wonderful memories tied to it. Almost every Saturday morning I wake up and get excited to go start making breakfast for my family. Omelets, hashbrowns, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs are some of the things I enjoy making most days of the week and especially the weekends. Yesterday (Saturday) morning I decided to make Buttermilk/restaurant pancakes with a blueberry sauce, bacon (I use Hormel no nitrite/nitrate), and greek yogurt. Find the recipe HERE.

My top love language is quality time. All my best memories are ones spent with people. Adventures, outings, vacations, sleepovers, play dates, family time, talking, and the list goes on. Breakfast, to me, is a chance to sit down together and enjoy some of the yummiest food of the day, with ones I love. 

Something that God has been revealing to me is that He is a God of quality time as well. He wants to spend time with people; with me. Relationships were important to Jesus, just look through the New Testament about all the time He spent with people; all the time He sat around a table eating a meal with others.

I'm so captivated by the love Jesus poured out over these meals He had with others. It makes me think that if it was so important for Him to spend time around a table with people, maybe it should be important to me. Maybe there is value in waiting for my husband to get home from work to eat dinner with the girls and I. Maybe one of the reasons I love having people over for a good home-cooked meal is because God has a purpose and a plan for that time with others. For me to focus on getting to know others, love on them, and not worry about the meal being totally perfect or the table looking put together. But just to enjoy llife with other people.

To sit and enjoy these days of seeing my daughters bond and hearing them squeal together as they learn to play and have fun as sisters is a huge treat. I am learning to slow down and really sit with God and other people so I don't miss what is important....

....relationships. :)

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