Monday, February 3, 2014


In celebration of 60,000 plus views to my blog, I wanted to share some blog revamping and a favorite appetizer of mine. Bruscetta. I have loved bruscetta for years but never found a recipe I really liked when I made it. Until last year at a get together. So I really can't take credit for it because I got the recipe from a friend. Boy I like it (thanks Brenda!) and try to make it for most parties now :) 

Large baguette or 2 small baguettes cut into slices
olive oil
tomatoes (I prefer roma)
garlic clove
balsamic vinegar
goat cheese (plain or honey)

1. Cut 4 roma tomatoes, combine about 2 tbsp olive oil or to taste, about 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar or to taste, minced garlic close, salt to taste, and 1 tsp fresh or dried basil (or to taste as well). 
2. Heat oven 350 degrees.
3. Drizzle or use a basting brush to spread olive oil on baguette slices.
4. Bake slices for 5-8 minutes or until browning slightly and crisp. 
5. Cool slightly. Spread goat cheese and top with tomatoes. 
6. Enjoy!

Half the reason I like the bruschetta appetizer is because it means opening up my home or gathering somewhere else with others. My passion for God and for others is continually being shaped and molded. Food represents so many things and one of them is people. Girls nights, guests, family, date nights, holiday gatherings, new friends, old friends, and Christ. Christ gathered around a table with many types people and invested into them. He knew how to perfectly love others and invite them into a relationship with Him. As I get to know Him more, I see His passion for loving others and I want to learn how to love on others as well. I fail so many times and I can be really bad at actually loving other people, even my own family, but because of God's grace, He keeps molding me and redeeming my mistakes while instilling more of a true heart towards others.

Therefore, this blog is shifting a little towards just trying to love on others and the journey of my life. I will still be posting TONS on fitness and nutrition but there will be other tidbits of my family and other interests I have. Thanks for keeping with me and hopefully this will be a blessing to you. 

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