Sunday, December 2, 2012

Postpartum- 6 Weeks


Hannah is already 6 weeks. I did not do an update last week...I was busy and then I've decided to do posts every 2 weeks. Movement is slow now so I think 2 weeks will be better.

Yesterday I felt discouraged after trying on outfits for my hubby's company party. I don't look the same in them yet. I expressed my discouragement when my sister Rebecca said, "You had Hannah 6 weeks ago! You look great." Anddd she was right.

Where did that discouragement come from? Some fear in me that I don't good if I'm not in my smallest jeans yet? Maybe I place security in being fit and thin sometimes. I struggle. Satan plants seeds of lies that I'm not good enough. He does it with all of us, huh? I'm catching on more (with some things). That's why I just surrender it to God. He should be my ultimate focus. If I'm doing things right then I just don't need to not worry.

Here's my stats...

Weight: 136 (been fluctuating between 135-137)

Arm: same
Chest: same
Waist: 34
Hips: 35 3/4
Leg: 20
Calf: same

Front pic...I took this myself and I'm twisting...not the best. 

BUT.....I fit in my first pair of goal jeans!! New goal coming soon!

Look at the progression. This was week 1 (37 1/2 inches)...

Week 2 (35 1/4 inches)...

Week 3 (34 1/4 inches)...

Week 4 (34 1/4 inches)...

Week 6 (this week. 34 inches)...

What a difference! My body is taking shape more and that's important. I'm getting stronger in my back/core. I have been exercising at least 4 days a week. I'm going to start my heavy weight program this next week. I plan to do a post on workout ideas for moms....if you have questions you want me to answer then ask now so I can write about it on here. FB message me or comment below!

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  1. No questions... Just want to say you look great Steph!!!