Monday, December 10, 2012

Fat Blasting Workout


Want to get a good workout at home? Here's an awesome one I put together that you can do throughout the day if you have kiddos and can't get away from them.....just do one, take a break, do another later, and repeat until you've gone through them all. 30 seconds to a minute each will do. If you do have time to complete without breaks then go through the set 2 or 3 times with small rests in between. Make sure you warm up for a few minutes with light activity first. So chase your kids around the house or walk up and down the stairs. Why not play a few rounds of Ring Around the Rosy too? Whatever to get the blood pumping first and then a few stretches. You don't need a workout room or equipment...just bring on the intensity!

1. Burpee
Keep your legs far apart. Make sure you keep your knees over your ankles. Do 10-15 or 30-60 seconds. Either one is up to you. Keep your pace quick and work up to doing more. This is a great full body exercise. Keep your tummy tight and suck in the belly button!

 2. The Boat
Start sitting on the floor and feet flat. Bring yourself to a balance position (find your spot, may take work to find) with your legs up and extend your arms to your knees without holding. Suck in the belly button tight and hold the position for 5 slow breaths. Bring back to starting position and then repeat. Do 5 of these. 

 3. Squat and Jump
This is a personal favorite. Squat and keep your butt back with your knees over the ankles. Then shoot up jumping as high as you can. Keep this very fast and do for 30-60 seconds depending on fitness level.

4. Push ups
Keep belly button tight. Start on your knees if you need to and work on doing one push up at a time on your toes continually increasing. Start with 10 push ups or 30 seconds. Work your way to as many as possible increasing in number. When your form fails move to your knees or stop. 

5. Squat Thrust
The picture sums it up. Just do as fast as you can. This one doesn't involve jumping at the end. 30-60 seconds.

6. Tricep Push ups
Keep your arms close to your body and your hands pointed forward. It's best to start on your knees because your triceps are a smaller muscle and tend to be weaker. Keep your biceps close to your ribs when you come down. Just do as many as you can and don't get discouraged because it is a more challenging exercise when done correctly.

7. Pelvic Lift
Squeeze your booty and suck in your tummy. Lift up and back down. Keep your booty from touching the ground even when you go back down and you'll get a better workout. Repeat 30-60 seconds.

8. Swimmer or limb raises (similar to superman)
This is great for strengthening the back. Lift the opposite arm and leg up then switch to the other side. 60 seconds.
I hope you find these exercises challenging and rewarding for your body! You will get stronger and notice a difference in your physique as you do these. It is a total body workout. It is great because you can split them up through the day if you can't get away from kids or you're at the office with little spare time after. If you can do these without taking breaks then I suggest that because you'll get the best fat burn by keeping your heart rate high. Be sure to keep your tummy in tight and practice the form pictured for each exercise so you don't have any injury. Warming up and cooling down before and after is best as well with stretching. So no excuses! Get up and get working out cause I just laid out an awesome guide for you :) :)

***Always have doctor's permission***

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