Saturday, December 29, 2012

Postpartum- Week 10


Ok, let's put this week in perspective here....Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, plus my birthday and family in town...I know I didn't eat the best and ate too much. That's ok, I'll survive. It just didn't fair well with my progress report. But this is life, right? I don't want to be misleading or make it seem like I'm perfect, cause I'm not! Hopefully some of you reading this can relate. So here it is...

Weight: 136.5 (up over 2 lbs...eek)

Measurements...not even doing this week because my weight is up. I don't want to get discouraged! The biggest thing that I am not proud of is my lack of fruits and vegetables yesterday. I only had 1 serving of veggies and no fruit. I consider that to be worse than my weight. Fuel is so important. So today I've already had about 4 servings of fruit and vegetables...and we are at lunch. So time to move on! Motivation is my new cute workout shirt my brother bought me for my birthday and my nutribullet.

Exercise this week was not as much. I only did 2 workouts (I think...2 or 3 ha). I have decided to started working my abs more because I've been strengthening my core with weight lifting and the Tupler exercises. Flat tummy here I come! Be ready for some awesome posts on exercises and nutrition to help get your body back in 2013! I would love to hear your goals :)

I want to write a little note of encouragement to those women who have had babies or lost weight....If you have sagging skin or a stomach pooch don't be down! The best thing for your stomach going back to "normal" is eating a clean diet, lifting heavy weights to build muscle, and getting your ab workouts in. It takes time to improve. I was discouraged after I had my first girl because I had wrinkly skin and a pooch plus stretch marks...but lifting weights and improving my eating tighten up my skin and flattened my tummy. It just takes time and I know we all hate that phrase, but it's true. Stick to it and you won't be disappointed...who has ever been disappointed by truly being disciplined in fitness and nutrition??? Then once you accomplish your goal you can encourage other women going through the same thing and be a testimony of inspiration for others!! So chin up and exercise on :)


  1. thanks for mentioning the weird skin after babies. after 3 in under 4 years, that is the most discouraging thing ever! but as i lose weight and tighten up, it really is making a difference! also, i would like to have your pizza crust recipe...i haven't found one i like yet! :) happy new year steph!

  2. :) Ok I will post a recipe on the pizza crust I use. Happy New Year to you too!