Thursday, December 13, 2012

Healthy Eating


I haven't done much on food lately so I thought I'd post. What are more ideas on eating for a healthy lifestyle? Well, eating plays a huge role in losing weight, shaping your body, keeping yourself from diseases and sickness. Matching your food with your exercise habits is great because it'll give you better results. Plus, your body uses so many vitamins, minerals, and water that eating a healthy diet is extremely important to replenish what was depleted. If you don't then you put yourself in harms way and can lose muscle among other important things. If you just had a baby then this is ESPECIALLY important for you because having a baby depletes your body more than any other life event (leaving out serious diseases/sicknesses).

So I want to post what I'm eating today. Hope what I'm doing helps you! This is what I ate today (or going to eat). I'm big on planning. If I plan it and am prepared then I will do it. If I get lazy and don't plan then my eating and dinners are terrible (maybe not terrible but not as good). Anyways, on to food...

Breakfast 7:30 AM: Homemade cereal with almond milk and 1/2 large banana. Both of these foods give a good amount of carbs before my workout. When exercising you need energy! Recipe HERE for cereal.

Exercised: Burn Circuit #1 on Chalean Extreme program

Snack 9:45 AM: Protein shake with almond milk. This is great for repairing my muscles after the workout.

Snack 11:30 AM: String cheese in the car on my way to get Abby from preschool 

Lunch 12:45 PM: Salad with boiled egg, craisins, carrot, tomato, feta cheese, croutons, and yogurt ranch dressing served with a sweet potato and mushroom cut and cooked in olive oil. The picture is not actually what I had..forgot to take one.

Snack 3:30-4:00 PM: Apple and 1-2 tbsp peanut butter

Dinner 6:00 PM: Tacos with sauteed vegetables. The taco meat is grass fed beef, homemade salsa (RECIPE), and the tortillas are homemade (RECIPE). 

Of course lots of water to drink in there as well and my vitamins. I still take prenatal right now with breastfeeding and I take 5000 IU of vitamin D with the winter here....Hope this gives you ideas! 

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