Sunday, January 22, 2012

Abby Update


My precious girl is over 15 months now. We have so much fun. Each day is filled with new things. Here are some ways she has grown lately.
  • Communication is getting easier. She is saying more words and is able to tell me what she wants.
  • She still loves reading books. Now she tries to read them to me. She only goes about 5 minutes without having a book in her hands :)
  • Potty training is going well. Still taking it slow and trying not to worry about it too much since she is young. She goes 4-5 times a day on it and keeps a pretty dry diaper. It's going great!
  • She can read words from cards with My Baby Can Read. Recognizes nose, clap, wave, dog, touch your toes, ear, etc. This is her favorite thing to do.
  • Eating is pretty great. She is a good eater. Loves fruit, eats vegetables, and other healthy foods. She is currently eating almond slivers. Haha. She also LOVES to DIP...ketchup and salsa. This is a trait from her father.
  • New carseat! She is finally in a convertible carseat instead of infant. She likes being able to face forward. It was time.
  • No more bottle! I've been weaning her down to 1 or 2 a day and the pediatrician said no more now. So she is done as of yesterday. Growing up!

These are only a few of the new things she is doing.

She loves sitting on the couch. Here she is with Daddy :)

Playing piano on the iPad with Daddy

Sitting in her rocker reading me books and rocking herself. She sat in it for about 20 minutes!

Being a mom is wonderful...I just love spending time with her :)

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