Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Food Ideas


Winter is definitely here, isn't it? Oh the snow. Makes me want to have warm "comfort foods." Anyone else feel the same way? I am assuming so. Well, comfort food usually means "fattier" foods. Summer is a time of fresh fruits and vegetables on sale at the store and the warm weather just makes you feel like eating a lot of lighter foods. We like to look good in bathing suits, go out to more events, and run around with our kids. The winter brings the cold, dreary days where all we want to do is order a pizza and cuddle on the couch (which we did last night, not going to lie!). But we opt for more pasta, bread, warm cookies, hot chocolate, etc. I have some comfort food ideas that I have been eating lately and they are delish! Hopefully my tips and tricks can help you but keep you from adding 10 pounds this winter ;)

Egg, sautéed spinach, onion, and colby cheese. Cook spinach and onion in a tsp olive oil, then add whisked egg. Flip and add cheese. Let melt and serve on a whole grain bread, toasted, with banana. YUMMY breakfast.

Breakfast burrito. Egg, sausage, mushroom, onion, a little bit of cheese. Sauté veggies, add whisked egg, mix together and add onto warm tortilla.

Serve with fruit. Great breakfast idea again.

Not have much money for Organic fruits and vegetables this time of year? Well, I haven't had as much and have been eating less (and suffering, ha). I started shopping at Aldi the other week to save more money. I still do not buy processed items but I have been surprised at some healthy choices that are significantly cheaper than Walmart. Such as FROZEN FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. Yes please! I got this big bag of fruit for $2.49. 32 oz bag. I got green beans for like $.85. Wow. What a way to save on money. Plus, keep it in the freezer and just pull out a little bit to thaw or cook. No wasting anything extra!

For lunch today we had tomato soup, grilled cheese, and fruit. I used this tomato soup instead of the regular Campbells, which is flooded with high fructose corn syrup. What's the point of eating it?? Well, no fear, this kind tastes amazing and doesn't contain that crap sugar :)

I made my hubby a classic grilled cheese but I altered mine. Turkey, sautéd spinach and onion, topped with cheese on a whole grain bread is how I made mine. It was fantastic. They I took some fruit out the bag I showed above. Thawed in the microwave close to a minute, and presto, comfort food for winter but healthier!

Hopefully this gives you ideas and satisfies your comfort food wants without adding pounds.

Remember, you don't get a great body on accident.

Be intentional.

Do what fit people do!

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