Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A story of God's Hand in our lives...


A week ago at this time, Kyle and I were clinging to God's promises because we weren't totally sure how this months money situation was going to work out. You see, my husband's main income is landscaping but that is not all year because of the snow. He plows during the winter but there's only been 3 days of needing it. Which has put us in a hard place for over a month with little to no income. All of our extra efforts have not been working and we just had our hands tied. But I see the fingerprints of God in so many ways through this...

Without God in the equation, things would have seemed destitute. What a burden we would have had on our shoulders! But this kept ringing through my head the last week or two, "therefore, I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body, more than clothing? " The verses after this talk about how much more important we are than the animals and the ground. It also says we should not worry. God has just given us a peace about everything, even when our extra efforts fell flat on the floor. I just kept thinking that God must have something big in store for us because there is not really any other explanation.

With a day before our mortgage being due, and not enough funds to pay for it, we were still relying on God. We were at church and Kyle had some cash in his wallet from money he received over the weekend. Well, he looked at me, took some out for tithe, and symbolically walked over and put it in the box. We both had an understanding that this money is not ours and even if we don't see the big picture, God does. We now had even "less" logically, but we didn't care.

The next morning I was supposed to train 2 clients and get paid for the month from them, but one came down with the flu and the other had several expenses come up and couldn't train the rest of the month. Really?! Well, again, I just thought, "Man, what is God doing? What's He up to?" Also, the check we were supposed to get in the mail didn't come and that was supposed to pay our mortgage. Yikes. Alright, so we were out driving and some how God orchestrated our thoughts and conversations. We got home and ate lunch, then Kyle decided to call his boss and talk to him. He told him everything and proposed a solution of salary pay so he could continue working for him. Well, GOD DID SOMETHING BIG. His boss agreed wholeheartedly! Kyle proposed a number and his boss said he'd think about it and would call back. Well, half an hour later he calls back. He says that kyle's number was fair and he told him to come get a check TONIGHT for the next 2 weeks!!! Praise the Lord! This also means a raise and stability...something we have yet to experience. Wow.

What a whirlwind! There are so many other things that happened and didn't happen in the past week or two that just showed God's divine hand. I share all of this because I cannot deny the working power of God. How can I not tell about the things God is doing in us? A couple years ago we said absolutely no credit cards or loans. We have been on a journey of reading and obeying what the scriptures say about finances. It's tough. But we have everything paid off except student loans and our house now! We are still learning and need to learn a lot about what to spend our money on and how to distinguish wants from needs. This is only one example of God's provision in our lives. It's amazing how God works when you INVITE HIM in every area of your life. He has yet to disappoint us and I know we won't ever see it from Him.

God is good. All the time

Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14


  1. I needed this! Thanks for sharing!Please pray for my family and I will pray for your continued blessings!