Wednesday, February 15, 2012

16 Months


Abigail is 16 months. Getting close to a year and half. Wow! I love this age. She continues to say new words each day and learn more things. It's so amazing how smart kids are! I am just trying to keep up with her and help her reach a fraction of her potential.

Abby has a new cousin...Natalie Ruth. She is precious. Sadly, I've only seen her once. Craziness but I can't wait till I see her next! Here she is...

Abigail is so spunky! She LOVES books still. She also loves to talk. A. LOT. But I love that about her too. Here is a touch of her personality.

This dress is so cute on her...her Maw Maw and Paw Paw got her that dress for Christmas :)

Playing in her closet (ignore her eyes)...she likes to go in corners and read books or her closet and have fun going through her basket of stuffed animals and toys.

She looks older here but her hair is all down. It gets in her face so much but I don't want bangs on her and I just put it up. Notice her necklace? She loves jewelry and puts a necklace on just about everyday. So glad I bought the pack of them for about a dollar!

Here she is at her new table eating some food. She likes her table. Such a big girl! Hair is a little messy...ha.

Playing with her favorite educational toy. Oh yeah, she loves to learn. Like I said, books are one of her favorite things. Along with that goes reading words. I show her flash cards with pictures and she can read. I have been showing her words since she was born, actually. It's so beneficial for kids development. It helps create more pathways in the brain and encourages learning like crazy...that's just one benefit. But here are the words she can say or act out by reading without any help by me.
Wave, hi, dog, touch your toes, touch your ears, touch your head, ball, nose, feet, hands, sitting, mouth, teeth, duck, tongue, fingers, arms up, and I know there are more but I can't remember. It's amazing to see her look at the word then smile and do the motion, point to her body, or say the word. Kids are smart!

We also work on Bible verses. She knows John 3:16 and Jeremiah 33:3. We just started working on the books of the Bible in order. It's exciting because I am memorizing these things too. haha. You know how you forget things. I am excited to continue re-learning them. Also, I am involving her with cooking. I keep showing her things I do and let her help as much as she can. She enjoys helping me. We do lots of things together honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We don't watch TV during the day so we just trot along and continue working/learning new things.

What a little bundle of joy! I love being her mommy. Look at her "reading" her book to teddy bear, and both minnie mouses :)

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