Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where is God?


Goals can be made, articles read, and a step by step program laid out for you on losing weight or being healthy. You can commit to exercising 3 times a week and have a buddy call you to keep you accountable. Within 3 weeks your motivation is gone and you just want to eat those cookies and order a pizza. Exercise is a joke on a Saturday....annnd suddenly it's an impossible task during the week. You "don't" have time, your back hurts, etc.

What happened to the excitement? The suspense of fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans again? Where did it go? I propose that the focus is wrong. I propose that we try to do it on our own strength.

This week's challenge, I would like to push you to seek God about how to be healthy. Now, I'm not talking about just doing whatever you want and saying, "Well if God wants me to eat healthy then He better put the fruit and veggies on my doorstep." I'm talking about REALLY, truly seeking Him. How many of us (Christians) treat our bodies the way Christ wants us to? How many of us thinks He cares? How many of us have asked Him to help us? To show us where we need to change? To show us how to change?

Now, there are guidelines to this other than just saying, "Lord, help me be healthy." because that is very general. God gave us brains. With those brains, very committed and intelligent people have researched the best ways of being healthy. I think if we look at the things that are proven to be healthy and pray about how to implement those areas into our life, God will show us.

Maybe you can't see the areas you lack. God give us eyes to see.
Maybe you are very busy. God give us energy and planning to fit things in to reach a healthy life.
Maybe you are tight on money. God give us resources and careful planning to purchase food that honors You and fills our body the right way.
Maybe you don't have motivation. God give us a renewed energy and a passion to honor You with our health.

Here are guidelines that we know keep us healthy...
  • Eating whole foods (fruits, vegetables, not processed)
  • Eating lean protein
  • Exercising several days a week for at least 30 minutes
  • Eating little junk food
  • Eating smaller portions, 5-6 times a day
  • Drinking around 72 oz of water and not drinking sodas/diet sodas
Now that we see the guidelines, I challenge you to pray about them each day this week. Seek wisdom and direction from the Lord of how to incorporate these into your life at least once a day. I would love to hear stories about what God does in your life. If you ask, He will move. Give it to Him. So where is God? Hopefully He will be in all these things!

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