Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Abigail...11 months and Fall!


Fall is here! This means, fall decor is out.

Exciting. I think fall is my favorite season. I look forward to Christmas and the snow until the new year. But I like fall. Jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, and cute clothes layering is fun. Plus warm cider, hay, pumpkins, leaves, color, and cool weather brings so many warm memories. Here's some of my decorating.

Love my scarecrows. I got them the first year we were married, on clearance :)

Cute basket with flowers I put together the other year too. Cost me about $2.
Different look this year. I have pumpkin salt and pepper shakers on the leaf plate.

This is a new project my hubby started. I like it. 2 huge boulders in our front yard at the corner. He always has great ideas. Soon there will be grasses and plants around this. I really like it cause most of his projects outside don't cost us money...just like this one :)


Now to my girl. I haven't had time to post her 11 month update. So here it is, a little late. She has changed and grown even more this month. She is now walking and the last couple days she's been walking as much as possible at home. Crazy! She's also responding even more to things I say. She said "g-ma" yesterday! She also said "night night" when she went to bed tonight. I love this girl. We have so much fun together.

Here she was playing with a bowl. She kept knocking and pushing it everywhere and chasing it.

What a cutie. I love how playful she is. Lots of days I find her in her room playing by herself and "reading" her books. She still loves books. I like to go and secretly watch her and giggle to myself. The warm moments of mommy hood :)

The other day she had a huge curl in her hair. I love her curls after baths. So I tried to get a good picture of it. She's so beautiful.

This is Abby exploring the outdoors with lots of trees. We waited to pick up Kyle from work a week and a half ago and his boss's house has lots of acorns. Well, here she is trying to shove one in her mouth, while practicing walking, and trying to get away from me. Ha. She is really warming up to playing outside. She used to not like grass and didn't explore. That's changed!

Abby will be a year old in half a month. My goodness! I can't wait to post about her birthday party and one year update.....well, I can wait :) I want to cherish all these moments of her first year. I can't believe it's already almost over 'tear'.

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