Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sugar Update....Can I do this??

Here's what I ate yesterday...

BK- bacon, egg and cheese sandwich I made at home with leftover biscuit - 0 grams

L- leftover pot roast with veggie and chips with homemade salsa- o grams

Snack- Celery, peanut butter, banana- 2 grams

D- Breaded chicken strips (2), sweet potato fries, salad - 0 grams
(I made the chicken strips with coconut oil and panko bread crumbs baked in the oven)

Snack- Couple handfuls of popcorn - 0 grams

= Only 2 grams!

Today I had a similar day of eating but I made spaghetti for dessert. mom is making a cake....a strawberry cake. Ugh. I forgot about a baby shower she's having on Sunday. SO TEMPTING! I did have a small had barely any frosting on it and was very small. I still was under 20 grams of sugar today with the piece. No biggie! I can do this!!

Hope you all are being more conscious of sugar intake and finding yummy food to eat. I absolutely love my fresh produce from B & B! Eating healthy makes you feel so good and it can be really fun! I encourage you all to keep up with it and don't give up! I love hearing reports of progress :)

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