Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sugar Update


All right, how have you been doing? It seems that most aren't having too many problems with it (people decided to participate that I know about). Yesterday was great for me. I really don't have any issues with eating too much sugar in my normal food intake, I just never tracked it before. My issue is when desserts come along.....yeah. Making chocolate chip cookies or my mom having left over cake (she makes cakes). But there is no temptation right now. wahoo!

Here's what I ate yesterday, Tuesday...

BK- banana (got up early to go to Daman)

Snack- Egg, egg white with onion (ate when I came home...I'm gone about an hour)
peanut butter- 1 gram
jelly- 3 grams
toast- 4 grams

Lunch- grilled chicken sandwich on wheat/whole grain bun- 7 grams

Snack- hummus with carrots and some tortilla chips- 0 grams

Dinner- Roast with potatoes, carrots, onions- 0 grams
green beans- 0 grams
homemade biscuits with coconut oil- 0 grams

I got to exercise in my new workout room/gym and then painted with my MIL!

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