Monday, September 19, 2011

Sugar Challenge


Ok folks, are in this challenge?? Here are the rules...No more than 30 grams of added sugar a day for a week. That's pretty much it. In reality, we are only supposed to have 26 grams of added sugar a day, according to the FDA. That number is for women, and men are supposed to have no more than 37 grams a day. But I thought I would kind of meet in the middle at 30 since it's not that much over 26 and I'm sure it'll be a challenge for most to stay within the guideline. There are so many things you hear about eating healthy and what to watch (carbs, fat, sugar, etc). The truth is, if you are watching something like sugar, most likely you're going to choosing foods that fall within the other categories of things you should do. So staying away from sugary cereals, empty carb drinks such as soda, desserts, white breads, etc.

So HOW will you keep it under 30 grams?? Well, whole foods are the best route. You won't have to worry about the sugar because it'll be naturally occurring (in most cases). If you are accustomed to buying boxed items then be careful because there are many sugar free items. It doesn't mean they are healthy for you though. We've got everything from jello, pudding, diet sodas, and "desserts" that come in the frozen food section. So just stick with the stuff that came from the ground or was killed.

What does this look like? I am sure many of you are reading my words but still don't know what to eat. So I plan to post each day what I'm eating. I have already had questions of what I've had for breakfast, so I will share here.

BK- egg, egg white with cooked onion.
potatoes cooked in a skillet (hash browns)
3/4 banana.
I drank water and took vitamins. I take Deeper Greens** (fruits and vegetables in a capsule), fish oil, vitamin D and I'm on an immune supplement for my cold.

Snack- 1 tbsp flaxseed peanut butter- 1 gram
1 tsp homemade strawberry jelly- 3 grams
toast- 4 grams
handful of raspberries from bush

Lunch- my hubby was home (never happens) and we went to Chick-fil-a (free sandwich)
chicken sandwich- 6 grams
side salad- 0
dressing- 1 gram

Snack- chips and homemade salsa- 0

Dinner- fajitas with onion, broccoli, lettuce, cheese and homemade salsa
tortilla- 1 gram each and had 2

Total grams of sugar for the day= 17 grams!!

**I take Deeper Greens because it is more than a food based supplement, which means I am going to absorb more than just batches of one vitamin put into a capsule. Our body naturally takes vitamins from food, that's what it was designed to if I take a capsule of food then it'll take the right nutrients from it. I personally have noticed a difference from taking these as opposed to synthetic and even food based vitamins. (if you have questions about what the heck a food based and synthetic supplement is, ask and I will let you know!) did you do? Please share even if you went over!

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