Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mountain Dew 2.0

So my husband is addicted to Mountain Dew. I cringe almost everyday about this. So I am trying to give a better alternative. Check it out. 

It really does taste similar and you can add sparkling water for fizz but he preferred it without. The taste seems to be more "on" without the carbonation for this version. I mean really, I don't have HFCS, dyes, and other junk, so is it going to be an exact replica? No. But this is pretty darn close, and can't that be good enough to drink when you're saving yourself from a boat load of health problems?? I think so and so does he. He is seeing the light :) 

It's this simple....

Homemade MD (Mountain Dew 2.0)
3 limes
1 lemon
1 heaping cup sugar 

1. Blend lemon/limes with or without skin. 
2. Drain and discard pulp/rind. 
3. Put in pitcher.
4. Add sugar and water to top. 
5. Enjoy. Fill bottles if you'd like for convenience. I recycled Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles because the caps screw on/off. Glass is great to reuse continually. I am going to try and freeze them so I can make a whole bunch at a time. 
6. Encourage your family with easy, homemade, and tasty drinks so they won't want soda anymore! :)

....don't be fooled, this process from start to finish took me like 10 minutes! 

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