Monday, May 6, 2013

Goals and Struggles

I haven't posted much lately. The weather has been so nice and warm that it's not as fun to be in the kitchen trying new things. We got pictures taken one this is my life :)

I did make guacamole this week and it was very good. Maybe I will post that recipe. We had it at a friend's house and I got the recipe and made it later in the week. I am going to make a new drink, lemon limeade. Maybe it will be  good it'll get my hubby off his Dew....I am trying. Ha.

What are your goals? I have several and right now none of them include losing the rest of my weight, that's where my struggles lie lately. I still have my 8 ish pounds to lose but it's on hold to keep my weight up for breast feeding (mentioned in a previous post). I am having a hard with this because of summer and wearing less covered clothes! I love that I figured out how to keep my milk supply up and plenty but its hard that it means not getting to my goal weight. But God wants me to lean on Him and not have my identity tied up in my looks/weight. So just say a prayer for me in this area of my life.

My goals include more flexibility and balance. Both require discipline, perseverance, and patience. Both are areas that deteriorate as we age and are very important to keeping a lean body as well.

I am working on formulating a detox plan for when I'm done breast feeding. Be ready to get an abundance of posts on what I will be doing and I would love it if anyone would want to join me. It will involve all fresh foods, certain supplements, some other health beneficial things, and no gimmick shakes or pills.

Another goal is family oriented. Actually it's 2 goals. One I already mentioned, getting my husband off Mountain Dew. This is on my heart lately and might sound silly but my husband's health is very important to me. I am trying to be encouraging about it and looking for ways to tantalize his taste buds with REAL ingredients from fruit and sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup! It is so bad for his health to drink it and he doesn't drink in moderation, although its better than it used to be.

The other family goal is a long term one (as well) and it is finding a workout routine that involves my husband. I really want to share my love for exercise with my mate and I want him to enjoy it too. So I am praying about ways to get him exercising with me and loving it!

I have pictures about my recent activities and some that pertain to my goals and the vision I have for me and my husband.

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