Sunday, June 3, 2012

Abby's Room...Chandelier and Nightstand


Movement is happening with Abby's new room. We got the beautiful chandelier put up (thanks to my wonderful husband!). No, it was not a garage sale or thrift store find like I was planning...a dear and wonderful friend wanted to get one as a gift for me. Brand new ones are pretty amazing! This seriously fits my vision PERFECTLY, and she's the one who had picked it out! 

The old light coming out...I forgot to get a pick of the actual light...this is mostly out.

Wonderful husband working on it. 

Here it is without the crystals on it. 

Oh beautiful (notice the empty pic frame in the background and the blue walls...we've got work to do!!!)

Need to buy pretty light bulbs for this still. 

These pictures don't even do it justice! It's so pretty! 

Here's her night stand I found for $5. I like how it has the space to put books...perfect for Abby!

I like the heart carved out on each side too. 


 Goes with the room perfectly!

Those are a few things so far! Next is PAINT. I bought it and now we need to mark where the chair rail will be on the wall, then paint. My MIL is coming to paint but my BIL is getting married this next weekend so we will be in Chicago for that. Painting will wait till the next week...but I'm super excited!! Stay tuned!!

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