Thursday, May 24, 2012



So life has been kind of tough on me lately. You've seen my posts. Pregnancy emotions running wild. Financial struggles, husband working a lot, etc. You've read the sob stories. Ha. Well, thankfully I am breathing again and my emotions are a little bit better. This has been a good week and God is pouring blessings down. Obviously He is good all the time and whether I'm getting "blessed" or "not" doesn't change His goodness. Also, I know that my view of blessings can be different, at times, than God's view and I sometimes don't see them until later. 

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT.....blessings!! Here's my little list of things for the past couple days!!

1. Making these AWESOME headbands and hair clips. I love MOPS. It has been a blessing to me this year. I have been wanting to learn how to make these and now I know!

2. A neighbor of ours had a mattress and box spring in her garage. Well, we needed a box spring for a queen mattress someone graciously gave us last year. It's been sitting on our full size box spring. Yikes! So they sold it to us for $30.00!! It pays to be nosy and ask sometimes. Hehe. Anyways, our bed frame didn't extend to a queen size like I thought it would. So I decided to ask again, and see if they had a bed frame. Well, they did and it had a headboard and the shebang......

Leather......and we are talking FREE. Yes, they gave it to us for free. Can you believe it?! Here it is without pillows on it. It's amazing. I am so grateful. 

3. A dear friend of mine, who lives in another state, wrote me and said she wanted to get that chandelier I need (want) for Abby's new room. Bam. Wow. What generosity from friends! I am overwhelmed. So this is one she had picked out to buy for me....and it's lovely. Matches perfectly. 

4. I am also thankful for all the amazing deals I've found at garage sales. Here's another item I have made-over for Abigail's room. I like it! I am currently working on her night stand and will post pics later. 

5. Oh yes, another blessing is another friend who is going to watch Abigail a whole day for me next week. She volunteered and it is very nice. 

6. Going to dinner last weekend and a movie with my in-laws. It was fun to go out with them and have parents that treat these fun outings :)

7. Having wonderful friends and neighbors to hang out with on hot days with kids running around.

8. Having an amazing doctor to go to this pregnancy. The place I went last time was good but this blows me away every time. I have never had such efficiency at a doctor's office as this place.  My average time at appointments is about 20 minutes in and out...yup. Start to finish! The doctor is wonderful and I couldn't be happier. Also, my ultrasound is scheduled!!! 3 weeks and we'll find out the gender!!

There are many more blessings I know I am forgetting but these at least give you a taste of my life...just in the last week or so! 

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  1. I've learned it's not so horrible to be broke. It's the only time you truly get to see God not only provide for needs, but all sorts of wants too! I hate that you guys have to go through this stressfully tight time, but I'm excited for you to experience God being Daddy. Way awesome bed, by the way! Woot!