Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update: Abby's New Room


Here it is!!!!! The moment you've been waiting for.......

Isn't it lovely? I really love it. We STILL need chair rail. I have been trying to get my husband to the store to buy it. But it's ok. We ended up making a surprise purchase this weekend (it's a great deal!), maybe I'll share another time what it is ;)

We need a curtain for her room and sheets. Plus I want to get another rack in the closet to have more room to store clothes. Those are the last things and it'll be complete! 

I spray painted these letters white (they were in her other room and were brown). The headboard behind her bed was also painted white by me the other day. I like it in the room. Good $5.00 purchase last year. 

Abby really likes her room. She took a nap in it today. As you can see she has no problem playing and switching! 

The chandelier is just beautiful and perfect for it. Here's a pic of it tonight before bed, lighting up the room. 

I love her wicker dresser in the room. 

So I will post FINAL pictures once we get the curtain and chair rail up :) I have a new project on the horizon....a bench that needs painted. I bought it last year and I'm finally going to get it done hopefully this week. Be prepared for pics! Then it will be moving on to Hannah's ROOM :) So many projects. I can't wait to get them done, I'm getting a little pooped with it all. Finish one thing and start another. But this way I'll get everything done in time for Hannah to arrive and be able to just relax with my girls.

Also, I've been loving life this week. My husband has been home at night and spending good time with us. We've had fun this weekend also. I said we made a surprise purchase this weekend and hopefully get it soon. Excited to share. Thankfully my hubby has been making decent money lately and God dropped a side job in my lap. Steam cleaning some carpets for a local school one day last week. It was a HUGE blessing. I worked 5 hours steam cleaning and let's say I got paid very over double my personal training rate per hour. Wow. Thank you God. So life is going pretty good and we are blessed, like always.

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