Friday, June 15, 2012

Painting Abby's Room and MORE


In my last post, I showed pictures of Abby's new room and that it was blue. Well we have progress! In fact, it's almost done. Yay! My wonderful Mother-in-law, "Mama" is what I refer to her as, came and painted it for me. This is great because she likes doing this stuff and it's not the best for me to paint a room by myself because of pregnancy. It's looking great. I can't wait to get the chair rail up!

It looks kind of like pink but it's not. It's purple. 

Working hard!



AFTER! Much more prominent in real life.

Here's a kitchen set we got today at the neighbor's garage sale. It came with fake food and plates/silverware too! 

I also got Abby Barbie's and a SUV....I love having a girl! She played and played with her new stuff today. She also got some dolls that a lady gave her for free and those were her favorite. She is currently sleeping with them in bed now :)

Here's my exciting find for ME! So excited to do these workouts. It was online for $40 which is good for 4 DVD's. But I checked out Target and they had it for $15! There you go. I really like Lindsay Brin now. She is awesome. I put the DVD's in to look at them and they are great. The postnatal bootcamp is seriously awesome. 12 week program. She has it laid out great on the DVD too. WAhoo!!!!!

Here's another baby Johnson!!! So the question is, boy or girl? What do you think??? Those of you who know, do not say! I am curious on people's thoughts! 

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