Monday, May 21, 2012

Update on Abby's Room


I found some great stuff at garage sales this weekend! Have I mentioned how much I like those? Well, I do....a lot! We got a ton of things for Abigail's room. Take a look! 

Here's a large wicker trunk...matches her dresser perfectly! Great for her new Shabby Chic room. Paid $5 for it!!!!! I am good at bargaining :)

I bought all of these for her room too. I got the cabinet on the right for $5 (bought it with the trunk). The shutters were 50 cents; picture frames $1 each; shelves $1 each. How can you turn down these awesome deals???? Seriously, it was one of the best garage sale days ever. I also got a night stand for Abby that has slots to fit books. It was $5 as well. 

So here's the bedding for her room. I bought this last year. It was on clearance for $30 from Target....for a Full size bed! 

Here's the bed skirt and valance. Not on sale...but my mom purchased them for me :)


Before....I sanded and wiped it down (I used the sanding block in the picture)

1st coat of paint. 

2nd coat of paint!! I am going to put it on the wall and put pictures or other things in the slots. 

 Here are the colors going on Abby's wall. The bottom color (purplicious) will be on the bottom half of her room. Then there'll be a white chair rail. Above will be the middle color (lightly lilac). It's going to look cute! 

I got paint for the chairs that go with the black table. The chair on the right is painted with the Almond color. I really like it :) I will post a final picture of all the chairs done :) 

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