Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Table Reveal


It's done! The table is complete! Take a look. Here's the table before polyurethane. 

Here's the polyurethane. I used a foam brush to put it on. I used long strokes. I didn't realize how glossy the polyurethane would be. I accidentally got gloss instead of satin. 

After a couple coats of gloss, I went out and got satin. I think it toned it down and looks a little better. It's still glossy but that's alright :) I still got a nice black table out of it.

Here it is with the nice table cloths on it. I like it!

Here's another thing I did. I spray painted my wine rack piece. Well, as you can see, the table didn't look so good. I put one thing on it and the paint chipped off. So I sanded, repainted, and did a coat of polyurethane. 

BAM! Look at the difference!! I think it looks great. 

Now to finish the chairs...soon! I am liking the way this is turning out. What a difference paint makes, huh?! Stay tuned....

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