Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Postpartum- 7 Months

Hannah is 7 1/2 months and she is such a happy girl! I am so busy taking care of my 2 girls that I haven't posted much lately. Plus I am keeping up with my garden, playing with friends and cousins, and keeping up with my husband's growing business!! But you all have a wealth of recipes on this blog to keep you busy for a little while, right? ;)

I thought I'd give an update on my postpartum progress. Not too much has changed because I'm still breastfeeding and don't want to lose my milk supply. Plus I have tendonitis still in my arms that has been flaring up (although through prayer God has been healing it the last couple days!). 

God helped reveal something to me while going shopping with 2 of my sisters and MIL on Saturday. I feel like God has been nudging me about it but brought it to light more on that day. My one sister, Lindsay, who looks amazing and has lost a bunch of weight (blog post soon!), was talking about honoring God with her body and the sin of being selfish with eating and exercising or lack of. It just brought me back (again) to honoring God with my body even if I'm not the size yet that I should be/have been. I'm not far but sometimes I feel that way and I have been a little in the dumps about it. I feel like I'm holding back with things because I have to eat enough to stay the same weight so my milk is enough for Hannah and that brings on selfishness. Plus lifting heavy weights hasn't been an option with my tendonitis. So I have been thinking, "I might as well eat this because I have to keep my calories up" only to regret afterwards when my stomach hurts! 

So the other day God brought me back to Him with arms wide open telling me to trust Him and honor Him with everything I do, whether or not I'm the size I want to be or look the way I want when trying on clothes for a shopping trip :) 

Current weight: 129

I am constantly reminded to give over my selfish desires and offer up my actions when it comes to my eating habits. God wants to teach me and mold me in every phase of life so I need to be open to that and trust in Him. I am SO blessed as a mom and daughter in Christ. I am also very grateful that I am still able to breastfeed with Hannah being close to 8 months and will continue to till at least a year. It is so worth it!

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