Sunday, April 7, 2013

Postpartum 6 Months

Hannah is almost 6 months old and my fitness journey has been going great until this last week. It feels like my family has been through some kind of major attack...attack of sickness! So I haven't exercised since last Friday...a week and 2 days ago. But that's the thing about being on a journey, it's filled with ups and downs and that's ok. There's no beating myself up for something I couldn't control and there's no "crash" anything tomorrow to start the new week. I may go on a run tonight (I haven't been running in probably 3 years I realized). 

My weight has fluctuated slightly the last couple weeks. It's actually been dropping but I have purposely been eating more to gain back to my 128 weight. I know that sounds crazy but I think I'm at my threshold for breastfeeding and if I drop below then my body doesn't want to produce enough milk!  Every time I have hit 127 or even 126 I can tell there's not as much milk and she let's me know! So it's kind of a bummer but her health is more important than my weight. I can survive 5 or 6 more months of not fitting perfectly into my jeans and keep a little extra weight on. Breastfeeding is so important for her and the longer she eats from me then the healthier she will be the rest of her life. 

Remember this is me from Week 1. How far I've come! The picture above and below is me in the same jeans. 

Week 3

Current picture of me below. 

I believe this was around week 6.

Remember to switch up your workout routines. Stretch often. Drink lots of water. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

I have been incorporating stretching routines a lot more and I really like it. A more pliable muscle has greater strength potential. The more we intentionally take time to relax and stretch our muscles the better opportunity we give our bodies to improve and keep from injury. So I've been doing about 15 minutes of stretching after my workouts (on top of warm up stretching) plus once a week doing 40 minutes of stretching and yoga/pilates poses to increase flexibility. We go go go in this world and we need to calm ourselves down each day for a few minutes to help our bodies reach their potential. It affects our hormones, nervous system, digestive system, brain function, etc. It really is important!

Current Weight: 128
Body Fat: 21.7%
Exercise: Currently in my cardio program for another 15 weeks with weights once a week and extended stretching once a week

I will still update but probably more month by month. If you have questions regarding fitness that you'd like me to help and answer please feel free and ASK! I will answer your questions and do posts on the topic/subject. If you're reaching your goals then let me know so I can feature you on here!!! I want to blow up this blog and the internet with success stories because it's possible for everyone. You never know how your story can touch someone else's life. 


  1. You look fantastic! I'm so glad you are choosing breastfeeding. It irritates me that so many people say it's okay to be selfish in order to get fit and healthy. While it is important for ourselves, it is also important for our families. You are being an excellent example of health and priorities.

    I love that you admitted to not working out for over a week. I've been dealing with a head cold all week and took the week off of working out. I thought of you and wondered if you were working out in the midst of all your sickness. Thanks for allowing me to not feel guilty :)

    Hopefully I'll be up on your blog soon!!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I didn't feel good about half the week myself and did not even think about exercising...then the rest of the time I was cleaning up puke, nursing, disinfecting, and taking care of Kyle a couple days as well! A whirlwind.

    I can't wait to feature you on here....hope you've been taking those progress pics :)