Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lettuce Wraps

So something I like doing lately is eating chicken wraps. One day I didn't have enough tortillas left so I did a lettuce wrap....and it was still good! So try it, it'll save you calories if anything and is allergy free (flour/gluten in tortillas). And talk about money saving, homemade tortillas are cheap to make but a piece of lettuce costs less than a cent, probably. Ha!

1. Cook the chicken in tbsp olive oil. I did a whole chicken breast, cut. Season with chili powder, pepper, salt.

 2. As chicken was almost fully cooked I added onion and red pepper and cooked till they were soft and chicken was cooked thoroughly.

3. Get a large romaine lettuce leaf ready on plate.

4. I put salsa on it first then cheddar cheese. I usually do hummus and actually like it better cause it's creamy, but salsa sufficed.

5. Then I added chopped tomato and the chicken/veggies mix on top.

6. ROLL it up.

7. I added steamed broccoli as a side to this dish. Very tasty and nice and healthy! Feel free to eat a couple, I did :)

8. Excellent lunch. You have a perfect ratio of food groups here with lots of vegetables, which is ideal since we don't usually get enough in our daily diet. The more the better! The next day I just reheated what I had left of the chicken and made another lettuce wrap for a snack instead of for lunch.

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