Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Postpartum Week 20

Time is flying! But workouts are going great and I am feeling good. ChaLean Extreme has helped me get so much stronger, again. I finished it and this week I've started with Turbo Fire which is cardio instead of weights. I was going through my stuff and forgot that Turbo Fire has a "hybrid schedule" that combines Fire with Extreme. So that'll be the next program after summertime probably since Turbo Fire is 20 weeks and I want to workout in the sun this summer. Can't wait!  

I stayed at my 128 weight goal which is fine because my body is focusing on losing body fat and reshaping/tightening/toning all areas. So even though I am still the same body weight I have progressed immensely. This is why it is so IMPORTANT to measure yourself and check your body fat (I have a handheld one and caliper works at home too...other methods will cost you more money such as ultrasound and underwater measuring).

My eating has been going well. I have refrained from desserts. I did make a peanut butter pie for my hubby and had some one night and a bite another night but that's ok. I'm just trying to be in the habit of not being addicted to sweets cause when it gets it grip on me, look out! I have been eating more nuts and less grains which makes me feel better mood/health wise. Eating out sounds so much less appealing these days with all the yummy food I've been perfecting at home for my family. It's the little changes that make a difference over time. It feels so good to see the journey and live each day to glorify God.

I have been taking it one day at a time to look at how my eating and exercising habits have a pure motive of honoring my Savior. I so long to not be chained to eating unhealthy foods and yet not be chained to having a "perfect body." I just want my habits and attitude to reflect how God wants me to live. I want every meal to honor Him.

That's why learning about whether foods are good or bad for me helps me SO MUCH with this. If I know that the food I'm about to put into my body was created provide healthy vitamins/minerals, good fats, protein, and will improve my quality of life then I feel that it glorifies God, after all, He made it for me. But if I selfishly want to keep holding on to a food that has no purpose except to harm my body and create addictions that aren't supposed to be there then I don't feel I am honoring Him in that moment and I always regret it afterwards. Now I'm not saying that you can never have a cupcake but I think we all know what I mean. A few bites of a cupcake at a birthday party is different than eating cupcakes every single day and it expanding to other things.

 Bottom line, I want to keep experiencing freedom with my eating habits and letting go of what grips me and causes many problems in my life (more than just the physical) to give to God is the way to do it.

Current Weight: 128

Arm: 10 (no loss)

Chest: 34 1/4 (3/4 inch loss)

Waist: 31 (3/4 inch loss)

Hips: 34 3/4 (no loss)

Leg: 19 3/4 (no loss)

Calf: 11 1/2 (1/4 inch loss)

Body Fat: 21.7% (2.3% loss since last UPDATE on BF 8 weeks ago)

I am most excited about my body fat lowering. That means I have 27 pounds of body fat on me right now and before I had 32 pounds of fat. So the 5 pounds I have shed over the last 8 weeks has been ALL fat. That is weight loss I want because it is going to stay off and make me healthier. Figuring out your body fat is such a good indicator of what type of weight you're losing and how you're helping your metabolism and body be fit. This is awesome stuff. See how muscle burns fat?? I don't exercise for hours a day. It's usually 30 minutes. Make the most of your workouts.

So how are you making choices towards a healthier lifestyle? I'm still on my journey and I always will be. I'm not perfect and I haven't even reached my "goal weight" yet and I'm totally fine with that. Are you? I would love to hear of your progress with your goals and help you in anyway possible so please tell me! 

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  1. Ummm and no stretch marks how the heck did you get rid of them??