Sunday, January 13, 2013

Postpartum- Week 12


Here's an update...I like this one better than the last :)

Weight: 133.4 (3 pound loss!)

Arm: 10 (no loss)

Chest: 35 1/4 (1/4 inch loss)

Waist: 32 1/2 (1 1/2 inch loss!)

Hips: 35 1/2 (1/4 inch loss)

Leg: 19 3/4 (1/4 inch loss)

Body Fat: 24% (1% loss)

So to add it up, that's 2 1/4 inches lost since 2 weeks ago! That's pretty good for this stage in the game. Plus I broke my 134 weight barrier and my body fat has reduced another percent in less than 2 months, which is good. That means I had about 37.5 pounds of fat on my body when I started in October (26%), and now I'm down to 32 pounds. Woot woot!

SKINNY JEAN Challenge Update. First pic from a few weeks ago...

NOW....I can button and zip them now! Couldn't a couple weeks ago. Here's pictures....

You can see that I still need to lose to fit nicely into them

Have a little bit to lose in the tummy...but I'm still excited because this is great progress!

So if you want results....LIFT YOUR HEAVY WEIGHTS. I really cannot stress that enough. You know how many women have listened to my advice and are seeing fantastic results with their weight and metabolism?? I can count a dozen right now. It works. It's a's not my is PROVEN. 

So here's a new challenge for me. With the Johnson women plus Jacobs sister, we are doing a weight loss challenge! We are all working on losing weight currently so it's been fun being able to all relate with each other. I've never personally participated in a weight loss challenge...for obvious reasons. But I have committed to getting down to 128 pounds by February 15th. That's a pound a week to lose. So hopefully I can do this because the reward is girl night out with chick flicks, no kids, sushi (for 2 of us) and HEALTHY yet delicious we don't undue our progress! I can't wait to share my results and probably take pics of our fun night together. 

There ya go! I hope you are living each day with excitement and confidence towards taking baby steps of a healthy lifestyle with eating and exercise. YOU CAN DO IT. Look at it one meal at a time. One workout at a time. One day at a time. One hour at a time. God is on your side of wanting to help you make these choices (and so am I)!

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