Friday, November 9, 2012

Postpartum Exercise and Food


A few people had questions about my post yesterday. What does cooking from scratch look like? Is it budget friendly? Doesn't it take a lot of extra time? I want to help and answer everyone's questions. Hopefully what I do can encourage you to take on cooking more at home for you and your family! It can be an adjustment but it's well worth it in more ways than one.

A couple advantages of cooking from scratch...It really is cheaper! Pretty much anything you make from scratch will cost less money. Definitely less than eating out and less than boxed foods (unless you buy a super cheap box meals...which aren't healthy!). The benefits outweigh the cost. Cooking from scratch will help you live a healthier lifestyle which means less health problems....and that translates to less bills. Another advantage is the sense of accomplishment you get out of cooking a fresh meal for your family and KNOWING what's in it. The last but not least advantage is the taste!! I truly believe that making something from scratch tastes so much better than boxed/processed meals. I believe this because I grew up on meals from scratch and have wonderful recipes that when I make for anyone, love it. My husband is a true testament to this.....he loves my home cooking over almost anything else.

So here is what my day looked like today....

For breakfast I ate organic apple cinnamon oatmeal (bought a box for $2 at local organic store) and I had an apple.

I did a postpartum exercise routine after breakfast.
3 Minute warm-up (marching, step touches, squats, stretching)
Tupler exercises- (elevators, pelvic lift, pelvic tilt)
Intervals segment (squat and jumps, jumping jacks, kick boxing punches, front kicks, standing ab work)
Cool down and stretching

Post workout snack was 2 eggs scrambled with onion, tomatoes, and a little cheese. I also had a piece of whole grain toast (made by my MIL with fresh wheat) and had natural PB on it and homemade organic blueberry jam (low sugar) I made this summer. I had water and prenatal vitamins as well. This cost me not even $1.00 for this meal.

Lunch I went out with my parents to Chick fil a. I had the chargrilled chicken wrap. It really is a good item on their menu. I did have a small fry as well. Water of course to drink.

For dinner I'm having homemade chili. I put it together this morning between my morning snack and feeding Hannah. I also made cornbread muffins to eat with the chili. It took me 10 minutes to put together and 20 minutes in the oven. The chili contains fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce I canned this summer. It is cooking in the crockpot all day. So my homemade meal tonight took me about 20 minutes to put together plus cooking time, and is ready for tonight! The muffins cost me no more than $1.00 to make 12 and the chili cost about $4.00 to make but it can last a couple people several meals!

Last night I made homemade pizza. The dough takes about 10 minutes to put together then rising time and putting the pizza together. I used homemade tomato sauce again. I grated fresh mozzarella cheese for it and fresh vegetables. The pizza cost $2.50 for me to make (maybe a little less, I'm rounding up). I had 1/4 cup mixed vegetables and homemade apple sauce (no sugar added) with it.

Ways to save TIME when cooking from scratch....
- We know it's worth take time on the weekend to make a couple things for the week. Or find people to who can food items and get in on it once a year! I did salsa, applesauce, tomato sauce, 2 kinds of jam, and apple pie filling this year. Each one took an afternoon with family and friends to make but now I have homemade items for the whole year. I know what's in it and I can control how much sugar is put in without ANY chemicals.

- Canning too much for you? Then just start with picking some healthier ingredients and making your meals. You can buy tomato sauce and add seasonings for spaghetti. Make your own fries instead of frozen ones. Make your own cinnamon rolls instead of canned ones. The internet is the best source you have for finding recipes!

- Overwhelmed? Write me on here or FB and tell me what meals you buy in a box that you think may be hard to make from scratch. I would love to help anyone who has questions!

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