Thursday, November 15, 2012

THE Key Ingredient to Getting in Shape


I've talked about some things I do to stay in shape and get back to pre-pregancy weight, etc. We know it's essential to watch/track what we eat and to get a variety of exercise with weights and cardio. But what about the will and drive to do it? How do we get the discipline to get up early and fit in an effective workout? How do we get rid of the constant thoughts of wanting to go get a cookie from that table at work or eat another brownie left over from that party? Or you just want another can of diet coke (whatever you soda poison is ;))! You know what I mean? The thoughts that run through your mind all day long sometimes when you're really craving or addicted to sugar (or something else unhealthy)? What do we do to fight it?

The only way I maintain a healthy lifestyle is by seeking my Father in heaven. I have been praying for God to break me of my sugar addiction and asking Him to bring me back into my normal habits. I've got hormone craziness, I'm breastfeeding every few hours, I don't like the way I look in most of my clothes, I'm exhausted by the end of the day (or the middle), and I'm taking care of 2 kids and a husband who works hard for our family. Can you relate?

So this morning I woke up and got Abby off to school and then I ate breakfast and hit the basement for a workout while Hannah sleeps till her next feeding. As I'm exercising the natural endorphins are kicking in and I'm feeling good. All I want to do is Praise the Lord.

Exercise brings me closer to the Lord.

Yes. It does. I have to seek His strength to get up and do it. We were created to be active....think about it. When we get into a slump in life, what do people usually neglect? Exercise and good nutrition. They want to stay on the couch and get lost in the TV. You know how many times I've been struggling with something huge and the best thing was for me to take off on a run or get on my bike and go battle it out with the Lord and hit my workout as hard as I can? I can't even count how many times I've taken myself to limit in a hard workout and then fallen on my face before the Lord because He is working on my heart. But it is also a catalyst for worshipping Him as well. Listening to music that brings my focus and praise on Him and praying during exercise is normal. Before eating I usually pray. These activities are spiritual formation for me. Are they for you?

God created us to be active. In Genesis chapter 2:15 it says that God created Adam and Eve and left them to work and tend to the Garden. That is an active job. Caring for all the animals and all the plants. He created Eve to be Adam's helpmate. Work and activity were not a result of the fall, they were something God had for us in the beginning.

Along the lines of nutrition God says, "Look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food" (Gen 1:29). Later after the flood God allows eating the meat of all the animals as well. This is why I call these "God foods." God made them for us to eat today and they are proven to be the best for us health wise.

There's a vulnerability when you surrender to the Lord and seek His plan for exercising and eating healthy.

How are we vulnerable? There's something about pushing yourself that creates it. 3/4 of the clients I have worked with have had an emotional breakdown at some point in our workouts. It gets to your core. Exercise is more than looking good or losing weight, it works on your emotions and spirit.

In order to get there you must seek the God of the universe who created us to be active and healthy people. It doesn't come by our own strength.

I am excited to see what ministry opportunities God has for me in the area of exercise and nutrition. I am praying about it and I am praying for those of you I've talked with recently for God to help you in these areas. God ANSWERS PRAYER...are you seeking Him in these areas?

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