Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pinterest Recipes and Craving Update


So I've decided to actually go through and make recipes from Pinterest instead of just pinning and never getting to them. So I've made 2 and have plans for more! Remember, I have a picky husband so I try to make things that I know he would like. A couple I've made so far have been hits with him. Yay! Some progress with more variety. Here's what I've done. 

I made scalloped potatoes that turned out great (click link to find recipe)
Then I made Cheesy Nacho Bake tonight and that was yummy. Here's how I made it...

I used only 2 tbsp light sour cream. I didn't use as much cheese and made it with 1/2 pound ground beef. We liked it. Next time I might use salsa instead of diced tomatoes. I like to tweak recipes.

Recipes I am going to make (any recipe I pin that uses processed food I will make homemade)....

Also, I have done great with no sweets today! Some exercise in the morning and spending time with the Lord has made my craving for sweets dissipate today. Should I try to stay away tomorrow?? We'll see how it goes :) Maybe I'll stay away from sweets till the weekend...

Ohh....and here's most of my world right now. My 2 adorable girls :)

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