Monday, July 9, 2012

New Addition and my Girl


So here's the surprise we got (I mentioned it a couple weeks ago in a post).....a new couch!!! My house finally feels complete (with furniture that is). Such a good feeling.

We love it. It goes great in our basement. Apparently we like our neighbor's stuff, cause that's where we got it. Ha! From the Hanna's. I thought it would be a longgg time till we got a sectional. But bam! They were getting a new couch and wanted to know if anyone wanted their current one. I jumped all over it cause I liked it. So I got Kyle to come over to their house to check it out. Turns out they only wanted ONE hundred dollars for it. WHAT? Kyle even tried to offer more for it....but nope. So their new couch finally came in and here it is! What a bright thing for a day where I have felt awful. 

Baby Girl....

She's almost 21 This was her first "carnival" ride ever, at my parent's church for their freedom fest. She enjoyed it but sat stiff while going around. Love :)

She is so sweet. I think she'll be a good big sister :)

Here's a little fun right out of bed in the morning. She usually wakes up talking away for at least half an hour in the mornings, talking my ear off!

Abigail Louise, I love you so much. You melt my heart!


  1. this is awesome! abbi's going to love being a big sister! ps. i lied, i am blogging a little even though i'm not on facebook. :)