Friday, July 20, 2012

5 Years of Marriage


Today marks 5 years of marriage! So much has happened in that time.

I prayed for God to bring the right man into my life at the right time. I prayed that whoever I dated would be marriage material and I wouldn't waste my time on someone God didn't want for me. So God delivered and brought Kyle Edward Johnson into my life. He was the only boy I ever dated. The only boy to ever hold my hand or kiss me. The only boy I let into my heart (other than my Daddy). He treated me like a princess and swept me off my feet for almost 3 years of dating. 

He captured my heart with flowers, cards, long phone talks, gifts, special date nights, and above all, a heart that was first seeking the Lord. He took the important things about a relationship and made them special. Such as respecting me physically, waiting to say I love you, and turning little things into special moments. 

Now that we are married Kyle has changed. He's not the "love struck" boyfriend I fell in love with...he's a strong, mature, confident, godly, leader. He has followed the Lord's path for our lives and is working hard to provide for us. He has changed so much in 5 years but it's so good. God has molded him so much in this time and I am so PROUD of MY HUSBAND. He seeks to provide and protect me with a passion.

2 years ago God blessed us to be pregnant with a little girl. Another 2 years later we are blessed again with another girl. You go through a lot in 5 years of marriage and almost 2 kids. I love this man more than the day we met. Our relationship continues to reshape, grow, and change. And even though I may be super hormonal this pregnancy (wink wink), with ups and downs, I don't know what I would do without the love of my life taking care of me and my girls. He is so patient with me and considerate. He treats me like a queen.

I love you Kyle Edward Johnson. Thank you for being my soul mate and my first and only true love!