Monday, October 17, 2011

Birthday Present


This is a shorter post, but you're probably relieved! ha. I am working hard on stuff for Abigail's first birthday party which is on Saturday. So lots and lots of things to do! Can't wait to post pics of it all.

My future sis-in-law...that's what I like to say...Rebecca...had a birthday on October 13th. I saw her this last weekend and gave her the birthday present I made this last week. I think it turned out great and I've never made one like it before!

It is a block! I used a piece of wood and painted the back, then used scrapbook paper and buttons for the rest. My handy-dandy Cricut was fabulous and printed the letters so fast. All I had to do was glue everything on! She seemed to like it and I am so excited about the future :)

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