Saturday, October 15, 2011

1 Year Old


Happy Birthday to my little Abigail!!

One year ago I was in the hospital recovering and soaking in my child. I was in awe at how precious she was. I still think it's amazing, even more so since having a child, how two people can create another human being. God's design is mysterious and beautiful.

What are all the things my little monkey doodle does now?! Well, she is pretty much over crawling. She walks as much as possible. She is learning to use a fork and a spoon, and is good at it! Drinking out of her new sippy, with a straw, is going well too. Doggie and kitty are words Abigail is working on. Her love for books is still going strong. She has found a new love for the outdoors. At first she hated being outside in the grass. Now, she will practically jump out of my arms to get out the door if it's open!

Here she is in her playhouse outside. She finally discovered it the other day and played in it at least 5 minutes. :)

My walking girl!

Playing more.

Can I get cuter? Somehow she does....each day!

My little girl, how I love you. I can't explain the bond we have. I am so blessed and grateful to be your mommy :)

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