Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Party!


Abigail's first birthday party!!!

Like I said, my daughter turned 1. CRAZY! Well, the party was mostly a success...I didn't get to do everything I wanted and was rushed right before the party cause I didn't give myself ample time to decorate and such :/....but life goes on and it was her first birthday...she's not going to have a clue!
Here's the invitation. I did different paper backgrounds. I liked it :)

Here's a fun banner I made.

The spectacular cake and cupcakes Abigail's grandma made!

Here's the birthday girl in her party hat.

Not so sure about this cake and frosting deal.

Ate some frosting but that was it. Wasn't really into it....all that healthy eating is paying off ;)
We also went to Chick-fil-a on her birthday and let her try chicken nuggets there for the first time. She liked them until I put a grape down and threw the chicken on the floor to eat the grape. ha! I love it.

But all the people that came were so amazing and gracious. Abigail got lots of presents and money towards her Education Savings Account! Thank you to everyone who made her first birthday special :)

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