Thursday, November 4, 2010



So this pretty much sums up my life right now.....excitement! I am just feeling so blessed and praising the Lord for who He is and everything He's done for me. These are some of the things I am blessed with....I had a great pregnancy (bumps at the end but great overall), GREAT labor and delivery, wonderful healthy baby and she's very content and easy to manage, the Lord is allowing me to stay home full time and take care of my family, I have wonderful friends and family, and my God is good all the time. I also am feeling like myself again, which I kind of forgot what that feels like. I have tons of energy and I just feel excited/hyper about life (which is probably unusual for having a newborn)! I am also grateful to be having a great recovery, being out of maternity clothes, and able to exercise (taking it slowly).

Anyways, now that I'm done thanking the Lord, I am also excited about the Christmas season. I am declaring it the holiday season already because I want to! There are a few family birthdays this month and of course Thanksgiving so why not start it off earlier! Since I have entered the craft world more than I ever have, making homemade gifts is what I'm going to be doing this year and trying to save money, especially because I am not working. I will be posting gifts that I make on here but not till AFTER I give them out....cause that would spoil people's gifts!!! My Dad's birthday and brother's is coming up in the next week so I will post those later! Happy beginnings to the season!!!

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