Monday, November 8, 2010

A bit of imagination


I worked on my brother and dad's birthday presents the other day and got them complete! My brother's birthday was yesterday and so I sent off his card. My dad's birthday is this Friday but he's not going to see this blog so I am posting his gift also.

For my dad's gift I used a picture frame I bought years ago and just took out a painting I had done in high wasn't hanging anywhere and doesn't fit in with my decor so I knew this would work. The other year I made a similar picture frame for my dad but it was of me and him from my wedding with a poem called, "Everything Dad". He loves it and still talks about it today and it's in his office. So I thought this would be perfect of his new little girl in his life. It has a poem titled, "Grandad" with a couple of pictures of wonderful Abigail....I think he's going to like it :)

My brother's gift was real simple. I have a stamp that turns a regular piece of paper into a postcard and then I decorated the other side with this...he's a guy and doesn't care for fancy stuff obviously. Then we ended up getting him a gift card to Starbucks cause he likes it so much.

So I came across this blog tonight and adore some of the cakes. It's called the Cake Bizzle. My mom was with me (who makes excellent cakes also). I picked out these two cakes and she is going to combine them for my birthday cake this year (which is next month!). I love the 2 tiered cake directly underneath this but like the frosting on the one my mom is going to make the one below but with the frosting "choppy"....much excitement when I figure out what cake I want my wonderful mother to make me each year for my birthday (it's a tradition).

So these are some of the fun things I've been up to, besides taking care of my little girl.

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