Sunday, September 13, 2015

Journeying Through

It's been a while since I posted about our journey with finances. Last year we caught a VISION we felt God was giving us, which led to Him selling our house (SOLD). Since then so much has happened. It's only by God's grace that we are where we are. It all just points to Him and I am overwhelmed and speechless in His presence by how He continues to move and grow us towards Him.

During this last year we have still continued on the path to get rid of debt. In fact, this week we are getting rid of one of my last 2 loans, which means we are closing in on one left for me. One that is manageable and not daunting to tackle. Dramatic change. God's grace. Also, since our move, God opened the door for me to start training again. This last year has been so rewarding with working in one of my biggest passions (besides raising my girls by my husband's side). I have met some amazing women and am humbled that they have put their trust in me guiding them on their fitness journey. I'm not sure how long the door will be open, but for now I think I am where God wants me. 

Our journey also consists of movement. We are so extremely grateful to my parents for having open hands with their home, but part of this path includes setting roots into another house. With that, we believe God opened another door for that next house. We have had our eye on land right near us and when we felt it was time to pursue, we got an amazing deal- paying cash deal. We drive by it several times a week at least and each time I pray over it. Our future there, our neighbors, and hopefully the house we can serve God and have open hands with. 

Standing on where our next house will be. 

But I do think that one of the biggest changes God is making is with our hearts. This journey hasn't been all sweet smelling roses, so please don't take that away. We have had our share of challenges. From unexpected tax bills, car repairs, relational conflicts, hospital stays with injured/sick children, etc. Sometime ago God revealed to me that the trials we face are great times for growing, even if it really sucks to go through them. It's through adversity that we can learn the most. He continues to grow our hearts and see needs. While we have been able to open our hands up a little bit financially, to give more than we have been able to in the past few years, I am awaiting the time that God says it's time to give big. That is what this is all about. For now He continues to shine light on our responsibility of paying the money we owe to our debtors, in order for us to be free to give abundantly.

 This change doesn't involve only money. He continues to widen our view of others. To tear down our judgments  and harsh tendencies. Love Christ, the church, and others. We have such a LONG way to go, but it's by His Spirit that my heart is growing. I am horrible, absolutely horrible at this without Him. My tendency is to close my hands, judge, and pat myself on the back for being "good." But boy, God shows me on a daily basis how much I need to lean on Him. He is taking me on new adventures with learning new disciplines that involve giving up my will, such as fasting, meditating on His word and practicing silence. I've got a ways to go! 

I am taking this time to refurbish items for our next house. I thoroughly enjoy finding good deals and saving money. This is a recent item refurbished :)

Please continue praying for us. Pray for our last few months before we start building our house. Pray for the things we have on the horizon (there's always something if you know my husband ;)). And pray that our first priority is to hear the voice of God and act. We live as intentionally as we can. We are trying to be good stewards of our finanaces, our time, our kids, and how we represent God. Every move we make is in an effort to grow, learn, help others, and come closer to the heart of God. We don't have this down perfectly (and I know we never will); pray for our hearts. 

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